Amrut 100, Batch 02

Amrut 100This is another of Amrut’s gimmicks, I mean experiments. Some of their normal peated whisky, which is matured in bourbon barrels was matured for an additional year in custom made 100 litre virgin oak casks. It was then bottled at British 100 proof (57.1%) and 100 bottles (at 100 cl rather than the usual 70 or 75 cl) each were originally released in five different countries. As the US was not on that list I am not sure if we are only the sixth market to receive the Amrut 100 or if this batch was bottled for a whole new list of countries. At any rate this is bottle 38 of 100 for the US.

Amrut 100 (57.1%; peated; from my own bottle)

Nose: Quite expressive at 57.1%. Much more peat than I remember in the regular Amrut Peated CS. The peat is quite farmy and there’s some lime mixed in with it as well. There’s some vanilla as well, and the powdered ginger I always get in Amrut (would I get it blind or if I didn’t know this was young and part matured in virgin oak?). The farmy/organic peat notes get stronger with time and there’s a little bit of rubber too. With a lot more time there’s some honey and caramel under the farmy peat and more salt too. Water pushes the peat back and lets the caramel emerge along with more of the lime.

Palate: Hot! And not quite as peaty as the nose. More ashy smoke here and more of a minerally quality. Some chilli pepper and cinnamon heat/brightness. On the second sip the lime pushes its way out along with some malt but it’s still too hot. This is still pretty punchy with water but now the minerally, chalky note expands and the lime and smoke are in much better balance. I could see mistaking this for a young Talisker.

Finish: Long. Not much interesting development. It does get saltier as often happens with whiskies at higher strengths. With water there’s more lime on the finish and the chalky/minerally smoke hangs around longer.

Comments: The nose was not initially promising but it got much better with time. The palate, on the other hand, didn’t taste very young from the get-go. Not the best Amrut I’ve had, but still pretty good. It’s probably the one that could most easily be mistaken for a Scottish malt. Much better with water.

Rating: 86 points. (Low 80s without water.)

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