Indian Home Cooking Week

Mr CreosoteI’m afraid I am going to be taxing the patience of my whisky readership greatly this week (or at least in a different way). I said earlier this month that I would be posting more recipes going forward and I am not a liar.

There will be no whisky reviews this week. Instead I will be posting each day this week a recipe for an Indian dish. All of them are for dishes as prepared in homes, and so often very different from what those who are used to Indian restaurant food in the West will recognize as Indian food. Together they will add up to a full menu.

Here is what is coming:

  1. Monday (in a couple of hours): Chholar Dal
  2. Tuesday: Mishti Kumro (Pumpkin/Squash)
  3. Wednesday: Masala Salmon
  4. Thursday: Hybrid Chicken Curry
  5. Friday: Chapatis, Parathas and Pickles

If you’re not interested in cooking and would rather read whisky reviews then you should check out some of the blogs in my “Links” section above, or the following reviews, which as far as I can tell never got much of a readership in the early days of the blog:

Two Caperdonichs from 1972
Caol Ila 10, 1996 (G&M)
Lagavulin Lg1 (Elements of Islay)
Port Ellen 1982-2003 (Scott’s Selection)
Old Rhosdhu 24, 1979 (Murray McDavid)


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