Coming Soon…

As you may know, I leave for Scotland in a couple of days. I’d thought that our trip there, at the tail end of our three month sojourn in London last year, would be my first and last visit, but our entire family loved it so much, we leapt at the chance to go back again this year. We’ll be in Edinburgh for most of a week and then we’re heading up to the Speyside with friends for a few days; after which we’ll go up, through Dornoch, to Orkney; and then back again down to Edinburgh via Edderton. Tours are booked at Aberlour, Pulteney and Tomatin, and I hope to stop briefly at a few more distilleries besides. I’m also looking forward to drinks with occasional commenter, James in Edinburgh the first week, and to meeting a Thompson or two at the Dornoch Castle Hotel. To mark this trip to the Speyside and the Highlands and Orkney, I have decided to post only reviews of whiskies from the Speyside, the Highlands* and Orkney this month. The only exception is that I will continue my slow-motion series of reviews of old blends. Instead of the usual call for nominations from a long list to a shortlist, therefore, I have only a likely complete list of reviews. 

I have a few more Twin Cities food posts already cued up. It’s possible that I might have a few distillery and Edinburgh food reports as well—though it’s much more likely that these will show up in July. Anyway, the following are what you can probably expect on the whisky front this month (some of these might be bumped in favour of whiskies purchased and consumed on the trip):

  1. Aberlour 13, 2000 (Exclusive Malts)
  2. Auchroisk 18, 1998 (Blackadder)
  3. Benromach 2005, Hermitage Cask Finish
  4. Benromach 2006, Chateau Cissac Cask Finish
  5. Cardhu 27, 1984 (SMWS)
  6. Dailuaine 15,1997 (Gordon & Company)
  7. Glen Ord 14, 2001 (SMWS)
  8. Glentauchers 17, 1996 (Whisky Doris)
  9. Glenturret 33, 1980 (The Whisky Agency)
  10. Highland Park 1998
  11. Longmorn 24, 1990 (Single Malts of Scotland)
  12. Longmorn 46, 1964 (Gordon & MacPhail)
  13. Miltonduff 17, 1995 (Tasting Fellows)
  14. Mortlach 17, 1995 (Dewar Rattray)
  15. Old Blends: Haig & Haig 8, Five Star
  16. Old Blends: Haig & Haig 12, 1940s Release
  17. Old Blends: Hudson’s Bay Best Procurable, 1950s
  18. Old Blends: Old Rarity 12

And remember: it’s not too late to give me suggestions of things to do on the trip!

*Yes, Mr. TH, I know that the Speyside is also part of the Highlands…

One thought on “Coming Soon…

  1. Cardhu 27 and Benromach Hermitage pique my curiosity.

    I’m also interested to see your thoughts on Old Rarity 12 – my late grandmother’s blend of choice.


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