Lous Pibous 23, 1993

Let’s keep rolling with the themes and do a week of brandy reviews. First up, another Lous Pibous armagnac bottled by L’Encantada. I have previously reviewed casks 187 and 188, both distilled in 1996. Here now is cask 124, distilled in 1993 and three years older than the other two. You only need to take one glance at the label on the bottle alongside to know who my sample came from. Yes, it is he. Well, I liked those 1996 casks a fair bit, and I think this one is supposed to be even better. Let’s see if that’s how it works out for me.

Lous Pibous 23, 1993 (52.5%; L’Encantada; cask 124; from a sample from a friend)

Nose: Rich, notes of dried orange peel, dark marmalade, apricots, leather. On the second sniff there’s some cinnamon and oak. As it sits the apricot comes to the fore. With a few drops of water there’s more of the orange peel.

Palate: The oak comes in first but it’s not tannic or overbearing. The sweeter fruit notes from the nose are present too but in the rear. The oak expands with each sip but it’s still not tannic; a little saltier too now. With time the fruit is in better balance with the oak but the oak is still the top note. Water softens the oak.

Finish: Long. The oak expands as it goes and then salty at the end. As on the palate with water.

Comments: I really like the way the palate presents an oaky counterpoint to the rich fruit of the nose. Normally you might expect me to find something like this too oaky but the oak works here, presenting a nice frame for the rest but not tannic at all. I preferred the nose neat and the palate with water.

Rating: 88 points.

Thanks to Sku for the sample!

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