Coming Soon…

We got a blizzard last evening and then a big blast of snow around midnight; so April is already looking good. I’m also back to teaching after being off on sabbatical since last November. You’d think I’d be well rested after the sabbatical but it’s been a crazily hectic few months with travel all over the place. Anyway, all this to say that I am busier right now than I have been in a while and as a result don’t have the coming month mapped out as clearly as I usually do. I have no whisky reviews already completed and ready to go. And while I have a huge backlog of food reports—the last couple from Delhi, a bunch from Goa and a bunch from Seoul—I don’t have any of those prepared either. So, all I can tell you at this point is that in April on the blog I will have some whisky reviews and some food reports. (Oh, I can also tell you that I won’t have any recipes this month either—you should look to my Instagram for those.) Nonetheless, I do invite you, as always, to weigh in on my possible whisky reviews—remember, I do themed weeks these days. If any of the possible themes below interest you, write in to the comments.

  • Sherried Laphroaig week. I recently opened the 2022 release of the Sherry Oak, and I also unearthed a sample of a 13 yo indie sherry bomb from a decade ago. Not sure what the third would be but I’m sure I have something on my shelves that I could open.
  • Glenallachie week. This has been threatened for a while. I have a trio of cask strength releases sitting around.
  • Signatory releases of unfancied Speysiders (Dailuaine, Inchgower, Strathmill). There was some interest in this last month and so there’s a good chance it’ll happen this month.
  • Bourbon cask Bowmore week. I have another three samples from that run of SMWS casks that yielded the lovely 17 yo I reviewed on Monday.
  • Campbeltown week. This would likely feature two Kilkerrans and a blend.

Not a lot of choices so if you have more than one thing you’re interested in at least one of them is guaranteed. Let me know.


4 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. I have a vatted bottling of those SMWS 2004 17 year olds and it’s an absolute tropical bomb, so keen to hear a little more about the single casks.

    Dunno about the pivot to video on the recipe front though.


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