Lagavulin, Lg8 (Elements of Islay)

On Wednesday we were at Laphroaig, having taken the high road across from Bowmore. Let’s go a mile up the road now to Lagavulin. This is the 8th Lagavulin released by the Whisky Exchange in their Elements of Islay series. Yes, I know this is now released by Elixir Distillers who are supposedly a separate […]

Lagavulin, Lg6 (Speciality Drinks)

Here is a review of the sixth release of Lagavulin in the Whisky Exchange’s Elements of Islay series. I’ve previously reviewed the Lg1, Lg2 and Lg5, all of which I liked very much (Lg3 and Lg4 somehow escaped my notice). As with all Elements of Islay releases, this has no age statement—and like all recent […]

Lagavulin, Lg5 (Speciality Drinks)

This is the fifth release of Lagavulin from The Whisky Exchange’s Elements of Islay series. These are 500 ml bottles with periodic table of element style names that refer to the distilleries (though you’re supposed to be coy and not take the identities for granted). The early entries in the line came out together at […]

Lagavulin, Lg1 (Speciality Drinks)

A Lagavulin from Speciality Drinks, who are part of the Whisky Exchange empire. This is from their Elements of Islay series–which feature one of the more idiosyncratically attractive (and clever) bottle/label designs that I’ve seen. More importantly all the whiskies that I’ve tasted from this series have been very good and some have been excellent–which […]

Coming Soon…

Here is a snapshot of September on the blog and a quick look ahead to October. With no recipe posts made in September, almost all of the top 10 most-read posts were spirits-related. The most read was my review of the Astor Huard Calvados—but that was probably due to the vicious behaviour in the comments […]