Hello! I have many annoying opinions and I would like to inflict them on you. You’re welcome!

This blog was started in March 2013 as a whisky blog. I started out hot, posting a whisky review a day. Predictably, I didn’t keep that up very long and as of the last few years have been posting three whisky/booze reviews a week. At the end of 2014 I began additionally to post recipes and restaurant reviews—mostly of Twin Cities metro restaurants, but also from trips elsewhere in North America, Europe and Asia and from trips back home to India where I grew up and lived till I was 23. At some point in the last few years this went from being a whisky blog to being a whisky and food blog. Now, at the end of 2019, I probably have more readers interested in my food posts than in my whisky reviews even though the whisky reviews remain the consistent backbone of the blog. So it goes.

Who am I? It is likely that if you are reading this you know who I am. Nonetheless, I am currently keeping my real name off this blog. In part because I do not wish to have my entire existence available on Google (I have a somewhat unusual name), and (relatedly) in part because I am a teacher and I do not wish my students (and their parents) to think of me as some sort of (very classy) drunk. Accordingly, I will ask you to refrain from using my real name if you know it or think you know it. Any comments that include my real name will have it deleted from them. It is for this reason that comments are moderated. You are free to address me as “Snookums”, “Reverend”, “Hey You!” or anything else that takes your fancy (and is not my real name).

You can also find me on Twitter, where I am now more active than I once was: bewarned, I rarely follow back.  I am also on Instagram—where I am not as active but where I post more pictures of food and such. Over the years my posts and tweets about whisky and food have made me many, many dear friends among whisky and food writers!

*To read a description of my methodology for reviewing and rating whisky, and also find out a little about my standards and thresholds (such as they are) of integrity and so forth read the “Protocols” page linked at top.


13 thoughts on “About

    • Hey Jeff: All is well. Thanks for writing in and especially for the two jars you sent me with Alex. Hope all is well with you and that you’ll be up in these parts again soon.


  1. wow …a fellow hIndi( all puns intended) dram enthusiast and inhabitant of the burbs of Apple Valley too! just discovered your blog, so will explore a bit kore. i certainly would like to know and share of any wholesome single malt experiences. Yamazaki being a fave, hopefully Amrut has been discovered too!!!!



  2. Sent here via Rancho Gordo, of course. Mostly for your food/bean/Indian food stuff. Not a drinker (alas, alak), but have enjoyed the recipe writings so far. Me? The whitest white girl to ever white with a vegetarian husband who fell in love with Indian food. The book, 660 Curries, has become my well-used bible. Keep up the good work, Reverend Snookums.


  3. Hello, Snookums!
    I stumbled upon this blog quite by chance (while attempting to “study”), and might I say, this is an absolutely delightful rabbit hole that I intend to keep falling down for a while now.


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