Jefferson’s Ocean, Batch 19

Jefferson's Ocean, Batch 19
Sku, the source of my sample, reviewed this bourbon on Monday. He’s forgotten more about bourbon than I know but I’m going to follow his review anyway. If nothing else, I will give you more than the four nouns and two adjectives that Sku shared with us (he’s not paid by the word there).

As to whether the makers of Jefferson’s Ocean, one of the most preposterous brands in the recent history of American whiskey (that’s saying something), deserve more than four nouns and two adjectives I don’t know. They probably don’t. They started out with a ridiculous concept and have somehow managed to squeeze another 20 releases out of it. Is each batch aged on a boat on a different ocean? Is one of them the Salton Sea? Or did they play Billy Ocean’s greatest hits to the maturing barrels? We will never know. Or care.   Continue reading


Jefferson’s 10 YO Rye, Batch 11

Jefferson's 10 Rye
This is a 100% rye from an unnamed Canadian source. This source is thought by many to be Alberta Distillers, who are also the source of the similarly 100% rye bottled as Whistlepig in Vermont. This is at a lower proof at 45%. I have now exhausted my knowledge on the subject, so let’s get straight to the review.

Jefferson’s 10 Year Rye (47%; Batch 11; from a sample received in a swap)

Nose: Quite sweet with pine and dill. Some toasted oak right below along with some cool mint. With another minute or so of air I’m getting some maple syrup and some caramel. The oak gets quite perfumed as it sits and the dill and pine intensify. Water brings out some nice cereally notes. Continue reading