Glentauchers 17, 1996 (Whisky Doris)

Another distillery whose name starts with “Glen” and another that is quite unsung. Glentauchers is located in the Speyside and is part of Pernod Ricard’s portfolio. I can’t remember if we passed it while in the Speyside a couple of weeks ago—it did feel like we’d driven past every single Speyside distillery—but I don’t believe they have a visitors centre anyway. It’s another distillery that I have very little experience of: I’ve only ever reviewed one other. In that review I noted that I didn’t even know how the name of the distillery was pronounced. Almost five years later, I can proudly tell you that I have a better idea of that. Unless I’m completely confused—happens a few times a hour—it’s pronounced “Glen-tockers”. And if you do a deep dive on Google maps, you’ll see that there is a burn/small river named Tauchers in the Keith/Mulben area—as this is the area in which we coincidentally stayed, it’s likely I suppose that we did pass the distillery. Fascinating, I know.  Continue reading

Glentauchers 16 (G&M)

Glentauchers 16I know nothing about Glentauchers, not even how to pronounce the name. I don’t wish to make a virtue of ignorance but I think I am going to try and see how long I can go without knowing anything about Glentauchers. Except, of course, what this 16 yo bottled by Gordon & Macphail is like. And yes, this is the first Glentauchers I’ve ever had.

Though the label on the sample bottle says this is 15 years old, my source confirms it is in fact 16 years old. As he purchased it from The Party Source (who are, alas, no longer shipping alcohol) it seems likely it is this bottle, one of Gordon & Macphail’s licensed bottlings.

Glentauchers 16 (43%; Gordon & Macphail; from a sample received in a swap)

Nose: Grassy and grainy but also some indistinct fruit, at first acidic, then a touch musky. A touch of white pepper perhaps after a bit. With a little more time there’s some lime peel. With even more time there’s some nice vanilla-cream. Not much change to the nose with water. Continue reading