Noah’s Mill, Batch 15-18

Noah's Mill, Batch 15-18
I got this sample from Michael K. of Diving for Pearls. We were supposed to simul-review it before tree pollen, or whatever the hell it was, knocked my nose out for almost three weeks. Well, I’m back now and here is my review.

Noah’s Mill, in case you’re wondering, is not a distillery; as with so many bourbon brands, it is a sourced whiskey. It is produced, which is not to say distilled, by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD) who also put out the Rowan Creek and Willett brands (among others), and who have recently re-started the Willett distillery (I’ve reviewed their promising 2 yo rye). I’m not entirely clear on where the whiskey in Noah’s Mill comes from. In his review Michael mentions MGP but Sku (and others) note that they source from one or more Kentucky distilleries. The age is likewise unclear. Once upon a time Noah’s Mill was a 15 yo bourbon but now contains much younger whiskey (along with, so it is said, much older whiskey). It still has a strong reputation and this batch in particular has received rave reviews from some (including the formidable Bourbon Truth who had it as his 2015 whiskey of the year). Michael was not overly impressed with it. I’m curious to see what I make of it.  Continue reading