The Internet Needed Another Blog and Here I Am

keshtoHello! I have many annoying opinions and I would like to inflict them on you. You’re welcome!

I live in Minnesota. This is why the occasional restaurant reviews that will appear here will be so Minnesota-centric. This is also why there will be so few restaurant reviews. Happily, this is also why there will be far more posts about and reviews of whisky*. Minnesota is a good state to live in if you like to drink whisky (as I do). I mostly drink Scotch whisky (and mostly single malt scotch whisky, but also Indian and Japanese whisky made in the Scotch style) but am trying to expand my knowledge and understanding of American whiskey as well (don’t worry, I will have many annoying opinions to share about American whiskey well before I acquire any meaningful knowledge or understanding of it). From time to time I may also post commentaries on other things prominent (films, music, television) or marginal (books)  in our culture.

I make no pretense to and nor do I have any interest in a large readership. This blog is primarily a way for me to organize my tasting notes, and also to archive my cultural insights for a future age which will prove to be more appreciative of and rewarding to a talent like mine than the fallen one in which we currently live. The preambles to my whisky tasting notes are generally aimed at my friends who really like and appreciate whisky but are not necessarily as knowledgeable about distilleries and the vagaries of production and marketing as your average whisky-obsessive.

Odds are that after a hot start my posting frequency will taper off to something closer to once a week. If you find yourself (pathetically…) drawn to returning on a regular basis and it pains you (…yet understandably) to not see a steadily growing archive of posts you will have to find some way to deal with it. I would suggest drinking whisky.

Who am I? It is likely that if you are reading this you know who I am. Nonetheless, I am currently keeping my real name off this blog. In part because I do not wish to have my entire existence available on Google (I have a somewhat unusual name), and (relatedly) in part because I am a teacher and I do not wish my students (and their parents) to think of me as some sort of (very classy) drunk. Accordingly, I will ask you to refrain from using my real name if you know it or think you know it. Any comments that include my real name will have it deleted from them. It is for this reason that comments are moderated. You are free to address me as “Snookums”, “Reverend”, “Hey You!” or anything else that takes your fancy (and is not my real name).

*To read a description of my methodology for reviewing and rating whisky, and also find out a little about my standards and thresholds (such as they are) of integrity and so forth read the “Protocols” page linked at top.

6 thoughts on “The Internet Needed Another Blog and Here I Am

  1. Another blog for me to while away my time each week. I look forward to biting satire, critical whisky reviews, and an all around hi level of entertainment.


  2. Well hello sweetie-pie! Congratulations on your new blog – it shows great promise so far. I’m looking forward to popping in and sampling your opinions now and again. Legless-tootsie xx


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