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Somehow I managed to review everything I said I would in February. However, my piece on whisky and investment and the role of whisky bloggers etc. in all that has still not seen light of day. As I’ve mentioned before, I try to restrict myself to no more than one potentially controversial post per month and the unscheduled Glendronach “Single Cask” thing happened and took that spot last month. I do have a follow-up on the Glendronach thing that will be posted soon, but the whisky investment piece will be published this month for sure.

Also coming up are the last of my Delhi food reviews and a few more Minnesota food reviews. I realize these are of little interest to many of my whisky-focused readers (or so the blog stats indicate, anyway) but I’m enjoying posting about more than just whisky (and I was a food geek long before I became a whisky geek). And speaking of things I was obsessed with long before whisky, I will soon be posting my long-delayed list of my favourite music of 2013–it seems to make sense to get this out before 2014 comes to an end.

However, there will be whisky reviews this month. Some subset of the following list will be reviewed:

Amrut CS, Batch 2
Amrut Peated CS, Batch 4
Balvenie Tun 1401, Batch 3
Balvenie Tun 1401, Batch 6
Bowmore 11, 2000 (Hunter Hamilton)
Bowmore 12
Bowmore 15, 1990 (James MacArthur)
Bowmore 22, 1989 (Liquid Sun)
Cragganmore 23, 1989 (Faultline)
Caol Ila 12, 1994 (James MacArthur)
Clynelish 16, 1996 (Blackadder)
Linlithgow 1975-1999 (Scott’s Selection)
Linlithgow 1982-2003 (Scott’s Selection)
Longmorn 15, 1992 (James MacArthur)
Miltonduff 23, 1987 (Riegger’s Selection)
Miltonduff 30, 1982 (Maltbarn)
Springbank 12 CS, 1996, Oloroso Cask
Talisker 5, 2008 “The Speakeasy” (for K&L)
Talisker 25, 2004 Release
Tormore 29, 1984 (Archives)

I’ll probably only get to 12-15 of these this month–a couple are new bottles that aren’t in hand yet but which I’m intrigued by; the others have been on deck for a while. The amount of time I can devote to the blog will dip significantly at the end of this month (which will also see my blog completing its first year of existence) and starting in April I’m unlikely to go over 10-12 reviews a month.

8 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. For purely selfish reasons please take note of my vote for the Amrut CS, Batch 2 to be reviewed sooner rather than later (like Monday would be best dude), it would also provide some much needed symmetry with your remaining Delhi food reviews that apparently are driving down your traffic. Apparently people don’t realize the intrinsic value of some great Chaat or Kulfi.


  2. A Talisker 5yr review would be nice since it’s still available (as of 3/1/14). It’s likely that is a bottle you haven’t received yet, however.


  3. Yeah, won’t have that one in hand for at least another week, unfortunately. But even if it’s sold out by then you’ll be guaranteed at least a taste.

    I’m very (perversely) intrigued by this young Talisker. So much so that I’m breaking my usual routine of not getting my reviews caught up in anyone’s sales/marketing cycle. But the odds are good that it’ll be sold out by the time the review comes up anyway–or do they have large quantities of it still in stock?


  4. “…amount of time I can devote to the blog will dip significantly at the end of this month…” Sounds like a baby on the way…
    Great Blog – Cheers!


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