Linlithgow 1975-1999 (Scott’s Selection)

Linlithgow 1975, Scott's Selection
This Scott’s Selection Linlithgow was also split with European hand model and retired tightrope walker, Florin. Unlike the 1982-2003, bought at the same time, this one does not say St. Magdalene on the label and is also not a total cipher. It has a Malt Maniacs score and Serge seems to have reviewed it and not liked it very much. Or at least he reviewed a Linlithgow 1975-1999 from Scott’s of the same abv. Odds seem poor that there were two separate releases from the same year with the same abv but I’ve also not seen references to other Scott’s bottles split for the European and American markets (Serge refers to an EU airport purchase). He didn’t like his very much (79 points), but the usually far more parsimonious Johannes gave that bottle 83 points on the Malt Maniacs’ Monitor; and 83 points from Johannes is usually like high 80s from anyone else.

Anyway, as I say, I have no idea if this is the same bottle but let’s see if my notes align with Serge’s.

Linlithgow 1975-1999 (56.3%; Scott’s Selection; from a bottle split with a friend)

Nose: Polished wood with lime zest; gets a little gingery and a little bit resinous. After a while the wood is more dusty than polished. With more time it’s the bitter lime zest that’s the top note. A couple of drops of water bring out some light floral notes but not much more.

Palate: Very much as on the nose with first bitter and then bright lime and wood transitioning from polished to dusty. Not particularly resinous. With more time there’s more citrus–orange peel and also something a little more tropical. Water brightens the lime up again but also brings out a faint soapiness. There’s also some vanilla now.

Finish: Long. The wood returns to polished mode and there’s the lime again along with some honeyed malt. Lingering bitterness (zest). Water pushes the bitterness back and the vanilla hangs around as well.

Comments: I quite like this. It’s more austere than the 1982 in some ways but it’s very much in the same profile. I can’t say I recognize all of Serge’s notes. Must be a different bottle (or maybe this has improved in the extra 15 years it has spent in glass?). I preferred it without water.

Rating: 87 points.


One thought on “Linlithgow 1975-1999 (Scott’s Selection)

  1. At the end of the bottle tonight and it’s much maltier and fruitier on the nose with orange joining the lime; and on the palate the muskier fruit is more pronounced: some ripe peach but also a hint of mango. Very nice indeed. Glad I went out and got another bottle after my first couple of pours from this one.


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