Scenes from Some Whisky Tastings, 3rd Ed. (Sketches by Stephanie Cox)

I am very pleased to be able to once again feature some sketches by my talented friend, Stephanie Cox. Stephanie is a core member of our local whisky tasting group and while the rest of us chatter idly between sips she usually sketches us on her iPad, or when battery runs out, on paper. These are very informally made sketches but they capture the atmosphere of our tastings quite well, I think, if not my inner beauty. (If you haven’t seen her other sketches click here and here–the first link also has a detailed description of how our tastings work.) 

Stephanie also surprised us a while ago with wonderful hand-made illustrated notebooks for our tasting notes. She’s now about to kick that up a notch with another member of our group, an artist who specializes in paper–they’ll be producing even fancier notebooks from handmade paper. I’ve been telling the two of them that they could probably find a very interested market among whisky geeks online, but they seem unsure–if this is something you might potentially be interested in, drop me a line (and no, I won’t make any money off it if they do decide to sell these to a larger market).

Anyway, please click on a thumbnail to launch a larger slideshow (all images copyright Stephanie Cox, and may not be reused or redistributed without her permission).


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