Jameson Gold Reserve

Jameson Gold ReserveWell, I didn’t enjoy the last jumped up Jameson I tried, the Black Barrel. And I didn’t enjoy the last whiskey I drank from the Midleton distillery either (yesterday’s Green Spot). Will Gold be better than Black and Green? Will I ever meet an Irish whiskey that gets me very excited? Let’s dive right in and see.

Jameson Gold Reserve (40%; from a sample received in a swap)

As per Michael K., from whom I got this sample, this is a vatting of ex-bourbon, ex-sherry and virgin oak matured spirit.

Nose: Some vanilla, some orange peel, some milk chocolate. Some malty notes too after a bit and some lime. Not bad at all. The lime expands with time and there’s a mild pepperiness too. With more time there’s some caramel and toffee–the sherry component comes through loud and clear. Gets a little dusty with water but there’s no other major change.

Palate: Citrus–between lime and orange–and mild oaky spice. A little bit of caramel too. The texture is not as watery as I’d feared it might be. Do I dare add some water? Hmm a drop of water seems to bring out some sweetness.

Finish: Medium. Not very interesting here and a metallic bitterness develops as it begins to fade. On subsequent sips that metallic note emerges earlier and earlier. Water corrals that metallic note a little.

Comments: This is indeed better than the Green Spot and the Black Barrel (I typed this sentence after one sniff) but I prefer the 18 yo. There’s not a whole lot happening here but it’s not unpleasant and indeed, it’s rather drinkable–though it’s the nose I like best; and it’s better with a touch of water, I think (despite the 40% abv). In the neighbourhood of $25 this would not be bad at all. But I suspect it lives in a much more expensive neighbourhood. And how! Winesearcher tells me that I should expect to pay at least $50 for this. Winesearcher is on crack. Okay, is there any such thing as a very good Jameson?

Rating: 80 points.

Thanks to Michael K. for the sample!


One thought on “Jameson Gold Reserve

  1. I’m with you on this. I’d take it over Green Spot any day. Black Barrel is just hideous. I think Gold Reserve is what some of us wish regular Jameson’s tasted like…except Jameson Gold costs $60+ around here, while regular Jameson goes for $20.


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