Littlemill 24, 1989 (The Whisky Agency)

Littlemill 1989, The Whisky AgencyAfter yesterday’s 20 yo from the Nectar here is a 24 yo Littlemill from another respected European bottler, the Whisky Agency–this one released once the Littlemill renaissance was well underway. Will this bust my streak of soap in Littlemill and finally take me into the 90s for this distillery? Let’s jump right into it and see.

Littlemill 24, 1989 (50.4%; The Whisky Agency; refill hogshead; from a purchased sample)

Nose: Lime peel and ginger and juniper. The lime transitions quickly to darker/sweeter citrus: orange peel now. Gets sweeter as well as more fruit begin to emerge: some peach, some grapefruit. Some malt too and a hint of white chocolate. With time, quite a bit of vanilla and it’s quite reminiscent of fresh pastry with a tart-sweet lemon filling. The citrus gets brighter with water.

Palate: Flatter on the palate at first and a little bit (wet) cardboardy but then the fruit begins to show up–lime zest and then a sweet fruit punch: some pineapple, some lemon, some peach and a hint of grapefruit to round it out. The mouthfeel is a little thin. Sweeter with water but also more acidic.

Finish: Medium. The fruit hangs around and then transitions to a grassy, slightly bitter note and then it all washes out very quickly. Water lengthens the finish and gets rid of the grassy/bitter note, bringing in some tropical fruit accents instead.

Comments: No soap here but it’s also not as intense as the 20 yo, 1990 from the Nectar or even the Scott’s Selection 20, 1984. No real flaws but the promise of the nose is not followed through on the palate and the finish; at least not neat–with water things are slightly better. My dream of a non-soapy Littlemill came through but it wasn’t all that I’d hoped it would be.

Rating: 86 points.

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