Sazerac Rye

Sazerac Rye
Continuing with the theme of younger siblings of releases from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, here is the Sazerac Rye, a 6 yo*. It just barely clears the requirements for being labeled a rye whiskey, being distilled from only a 51% rye mashbill. Though it bears the Sazerac name I believe this is supposed to be the same whiskey as is sold as Thomas H. Handy in the annual Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, only cut down to 45%. (If that’s not true please write in a correction below.) Unlike the Thomas H. Handy, however, it is both easy to find and very affordable (and easier to find and cheaper than the Stagg Jr. as well).

*As per Patrick’s comment below, there is apparently no confirmation that this is a 6 yo and I realize that Bryan’s label has the words “I think” after 6 yo. So this may not indeed be a 6 yo.

Sazerac Rye, 6 (45%; from a sample received in a swap)

Nose: Sweet notes at first, almost candied. Mild mint and dill and cold black tea. The sweetness intensifies quite a bit and there’s a bit of clove, some toffee, some honey, some citrus. Rather nice as it all melds together.

Palate: A little thin on the palate with a mildly spicy bite but very little of the sweet notes from the nose. On the second sip there’s some citrus, a touch of caramel and burnt notes somewhere between dark toast and toasted wood. And it’s much sweeter too now (brown sugar) and spicier (clove and cinnamon)

Finish: Medium. The toasted notes fade and it gets much drier at the end.

Comments: Very nice nose but the palate didn’t live up to it. Still, it’s very pleasant and very drinkable and for the price it’s hard to complain too much. I added some water at the end and all it did was thin everything out and bring some astringency to the finish—I’d avoid.

Thanks to Bryan F. for the sample!

Rating: 84 points.

4 thoughts on “Sazerac Rye

  1. I’d love to know where the “6 year” age statement comes from. AFAIK it’s not on the bottle or their website, yet nearly every review and store listing includes that age. Anyone?


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