Coming Soon…

I am currently in Los Angeles and so those of you who read this blog and are annoyed by/uninterested in the few restaurant reports I post each month should brace yourself for more restaurant reports than usual. You should also expect fewer whisky reviews than usual going forward as I will be finally slowing down the near-daily pace I’ve been on for the last year and a half.

Frustrations with (ongoing) technical problems with Google Analytics’s tracking of traffic that cropped up in July eventually brought me to the realization that I’ve come to be far more driven by the ego boost of growing pageviews than I’d ever thought I’d be*. And also to the subsequent realization that the pace of my reviewing was in large part a response to the anxiety that if I didn’t post enough the readership would go away. It’s embarrassing to admit this, but I also had to acknowledge that I was often choosing what I drank on the basis of reviewing “needs” and not simply what I wanted to drink.

Thankfully, the impetus for the realization of the problem was also its solution: After a week and a half of growing frustration I discovered that no longer having an accurate sense of my traffic was in fact deeply liberating. In a sense it means the readership has gone away (“If a page is viewed in a forest but Google Analytics doesn’t track it did it make a clicking sound?”) and with it any temptation to chase it. I can now just post at my convenience, and not to feed the blog, and thereby stop the slide into turning this into the least financially rewarding job I’ve ever had. (And it’s not like I would ever catch Serge anyway—10,000 reviews! That’s an average of more than two reviews a day, every day for 12 years.)

Anyway, enough about my uninteresting inner life. These are the whiskies that will definitely/probably/possibly be coming soon:

Ancient Age, Straight Bourbon
Blair Athol 25, 1988, Cask 6918 (Van Wees)
Braeval 13, 1998 (Signatory)
Brora 30, 6th Release
Bruichladdich “The Organic”
Caol Ila 11, 1999, First Fill Sherry Cask 305326 (G&M)
Clynelish 16, 1995, Refill Sherry (Kintra Whisky)
The Famous Grouse
Imperial 17, 1995 (Signatory for K&L)
Johnnie Walker Black Label
Longmorn 11,1999 (Alambic Classique)
Yoichi 15
Yoichi 15, Genshu Single Cask 412195
Yoichi 20
Yoichi 20, Genshu Single Cask 100126

The Ancient Age, Blair Athol and Caol Ila will be simul-reviews posted at the same time as those of Michael Kravitz over at Diving for Pearls.

*Of course, with great ironic timing this happened just a few days after I posted my July iteration of “Coming Soon…” in which I noted the steady rise in my traffic numbers over the last 12 months or so.

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Sweet Jeebus, my first paragraph in today’s post was about pageviews too. Bourbon reviews = many views. Japanese whisky reviews = no views. Good times. In any case I’m looking forward to your Yoichi posts.


  2. I love food so you still have captured my attention, especially since I do visit the LA area once or twice a year just to eat. I’m actually glad you came to your realization, as I would rather read posts where you have passion and not feel it’s a job. Drink what you want to drink!


  3. I echo Michael in looking forward to the Yoichi reviews.
    And the Black Label – I haven’t tried that in what we down here might call “donkeys years, mate”.

    Thanks for all the reviews. One a day or otherwise, I always enjoy reading them.


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