Dim Sum at Sea Harbour (Los Angeles, July/August 2014)

deepfriedsmeltLast year I reviewed our outings to Elite and King Hua, two of the most celebrated dim sum houses in the San Gabriel Valley (just outside L.A) but unaccountably failed to write up our meal at Sea Harbour, which is perhaps the most celebrated of them all. Well, we were there again within a few days of my arrival in L.A and here is a report on what was an excellent meal.

Sea Harbour, like Elite and King Hua, does not have carts—instead, you order from a menu and your dim sum is fresher and better for it. There were four adults and two small boys eating. This is what we got:

All of this plus excellent jasmine tea came to about $115 with tax and tip. Which is a little lower than we pay in the Twin Cities for far inferior and far less interesting dim sum. I wish we could eat here every month.


3 thoughts on “Dim Sum at Sea Harbour (Los Angeles, July/August 2014)

  1. I don’t think I could talk myself into raw durian. As I noted in the review, even deep fried this smells pretty funky; but it tastes very nice and the texture is great too. Chicken feet is largely a textural thing too–you pop the foot in your mouth and strip off the skin, bits of flesh and cartilagey bits with your teeth.

    Are there no good dim sum places in San Diego? I don’t really know how large the Chinese population there is. The San Gabriel Valley, as you may know, has a very concentrated and large population and a lot of recent immigrants from China and so there are a lot of restaurants (of every kind) and a lot of competition, which keeps the quality very high at the best places.


  2. Oh there are some good places here but I hear the ones up there are much better. I have not had fresh durian only durian cookies. It is a flavor that lasts and lasts. Its rotten onion like smell is rather intense. Chicken feet are okay but I find the texture rather boring. Give me skewers of chicken heart or chicken skin any day.


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