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rear-windowAh, November: the ground will freeze in Minnesota any day now (time to get my garlic in the ground!) and it will be serious whisky weather for the next nine months or so. Of course, as you may have noticed, it’s always serious whisky weather around these parts. I see people complaining about drinking whisky in hot weather and say to myself, “this is why Richard Dawkins gave us air-conditioning”. I do have to admit though that there is far more pleasure to be had in drinking whisky by a roaring fire.

There were a few whiskies I’d thought I’d review for sure in October that I didn’t get around to: the Clynelishes, the Highland Park 18, the new Ardbeg Supernova; and the Black Bull 30 has been promised for quite some time now (since June, actually). Most of these will probably show up this month; though I’m only opening my bottle of the Clynelish 14 if I can finish five other bottles first—I’ve been trying to get to 50 or fewer open bottles for the longest time and I’m currently at 54. I’m hoping to continue to feature some reviews of “standard” malts so you can expect to see the Caol Ila 12 for sure. Feel free to nominate any of the others listed in the long list of possible below (I’m unlikely to get to more than 12-14 whisky reviews).

Ardbeg Supernova 2014
Ardmore Traditional Cask
The Arran 10
Auchentoshan Heartwood
Black Bull 30
Bruichladdich Laddie 10
Caol Ila 12
Clynelish 14
Clynelish 17, Manager’s Dram
Deanston 15, 1997 (Archives)
George Dickel 9 for Ace Spirits
George Dickel 14 for Park Avenue Liquor
George T. Stagg, 2012 Release
Glenfarclas 25
Highland Park 18
Karuizawa 1999/2013 (Noh Label for K&L)
Karuizawa “Asama”
Lagavulin 12, 2013 Release
Lagavulin 17, 1995, Feis Ile, 2013
Longmorn-Glenlivet 1967-2003 1967-2004 (Scott’s Selection)
Longmorn-Glenlivet 1968-2004 (Scott’s Selection)
Talisker 30, 2006
Talisker 30, 2012
Tomatin 21, 1991 (C&S)
Whistlepig Boss Hog 12, Spice Dancer

The weekly restaurant reviews will continue as well. I am hoping to get my survey of Twin Cities area Indian/South Asian restaurants back on track—it all depends on how much my wife is willing to put up with (“why can’t we just go eat at the Sichuan and Thai restaurants we like?”, she unsportingly says, not understanding that the blog demands novelty). I’m unlikely to risk eating sushi again anytime soon in the area though.

7 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Glad to hear Caol Ila is coming, it’s currently here in available in Ontario, Canada and I’ll likely pick up a bottle. Also, very interested to hear your thoughts on Laddie 10. I found it to be particularly un – noteworthy (if that is not too oxymoronic).


    • I’m with you on the Laddie 10. I bought one bottle when it first came out and based on the talk expected to like it a lot. Instead it was uninspiring with the butryic/pukey note dominant. I’m willing to believe that I just lucked into a bad batch but have been too wary to buy another full bottle to check. Luckily, I got a large sample in a swap.


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