Coming Soon…

Coming Soon

This month will see the continuing transformation of this blog into a whisky and food blog. I’ve been reviewing restaurants on a more or less weekly basis for some months now, and going forward you can expect to see regular cooking posts as well. I enjoyed the two cooking posts last month—it was a nice throwback to when I spent most of my time online on a few food forums. And even though the world needs another food blogger even less than it needs another whisky blogger, this is a long-dormant itch that I suddenly need to scratch again. Who knows, it may go away. In the meantime, however, the number of whisky reviews each month may drop a little bit more to make room—the fact that I will be posting more about food doesn’t mean I will be posting more often.

But whisky will remain the emphasis. And on the whisky front, December is going to be sherried whisky month on the blog: lightly-sherried malts; mildly-sherried malts; intensely-sherried malts; malts matured for the full term in sherry casks; malts finished in sherry casks: I will not discriminate (except against non-sherried whiskies). You should feel free to nominate ones that you’d like to see reviewed: the list below is much larger than the number of slots I have for whisky reviews.

Aberlour A’Bunadh, Batch 45
Arran Refill Sherry (for
Caol Ila 27, 1984 (Old and Rare)
Glendronach 17, 1996, PX cask 1491
Glendronach 18, 1991, Oloroso butt 2512
Glendronach 20, 1993, Oloroso cask 33 (for Abbey Whisky)
Glenfarclas 105
Glenfarclas 1986-2007, Family Cask 3434
Glenfarclas 40
Highland Park 18
Karuizawa 1999/2013 (Noh Label for K&L)
Karuizawa “Asama”
Kavalan Solist, Fino, Cask S060814011
Kilchoman Sherry Cask 371/06 (for K&L)
Lagavulin, Distillery Only, 2010
Laphroaig 13, 1998, Refill butt 700394 (van Wees)
Laphroaig 14, 2000, Refill cask 10432 (Old Malt Cask)
Longmorn 41, 1969, Cask 5294 (Gordon & Macphail)
Macallan CS
Mortlach 15, 1995 (Chieftain’s)
Springbank 12 CS, Batch 7, 50.3%
Talisker, Distiller’s Edition 2000-2011
Yoichi 20
Yoichi 20, Genshu Cask 100126

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Not much sherry experimentation seems to be going on in the bourbon world, but what about Belle Meade? They just released a 9yr bourbon (from MPGP/LDI) finished in Oloroso. Should be cheaper and easier to find than the Jim Beam Distillers Masterpiece finished in PX casks which was released a few months ago.


  2. After the 12 and the 15, why not round out the Highland Park lineup with the 18? And I wonder what you think of the Glenfarclas 40, sitting the the tricky, “good value for a 40 year-old, but still $500+” category.


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