Coming Soon…

If you’re looking for an April Fool’s Day post please see mine from last year. The next funny whisky blog April Fool’s Day post I see will be the first. Here instead of bad comedy is my preview for the month to come.

Quite a few of the whiskies listed below were listed before and then forgotten about—a few have in fact already been written up and so the odds of their showing up soon are higher (for example, the G&M Longmorn 1972). Some others I’m really looking forward to finally drinking and so those are strong probables as well (the MacKillop’s Choice Tomatin, the Malts of Scotland Lochside and the Abbey Whisky Glendronach). Feel free to nominate any of the others for promotion to the short list as well. As unreliable as I am, I have a pretty decent track record of actually reviewing the ones people have more interest in.

On the food front, there’ll continue to be a slow but steady trickle of recipes and restaurant meal write-ups. I have a couple more reports from my recent Montreal trip to come and then it’ll be back to Minnesota action—I’m hoping to get to Corner Table this month and also back to some old standbys.

The long list of possible whisky reviews:

Ardmore Traditional
Arran 16, 1996 (Glen Fahrn)
Balvenie Single Barrel, Sherry
Bladnoch 11, 2002 (for K&L)
Ben Nevis 14, 1998 (Exclusive Casks for Total Wine)
Ben Nevis 1996-2012, Sherry Cask
Ben Nevis 16 (Battlehill)
Benromach 25
Bowmore 11, 2000 (OMC)
Dallas Dhu 25, 1975 (Signatory)
Glen Grant 21 (G&M)
Glendronach 17, 1996, PX
Glendronach 18, 1991, Oloroso
Glendronach 20, 1993, Oloroso (Abbey Whisky)
Glendronach 21, 1993, Oloroso (for Whiskybase)
Highland Park 11, 1993 (Hart Bros.)
Laphroaig CS, Batch 1
Laphroaig CS, Batch 5
Lochside 44, 1967 (Malts of Scotland)
Longmorn 21, 1992 (Faultline)
Longmorn 31, 1978 (TWE Masterpieces)
Longmorn 39, 1972 (Gordon & MacPhail for van Wees)
Maker’s Mark
Miltonduff 17, 1995 (Tasting Fellows)
North of Scotland 42, 1971 (Gordon & Company)
Russell’s Reserve 10
Scapa 12
Scapa 20, 1993, CSE
Springbank 13, 2000, Refill Sherry (SMWS)
Tomatin 21, 1991 (C&S)
Tomatin 25, 1975 (MacKillop’s Choice)

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Please review the Laphroaig Cask Strength 5. Other than Serge, I haven’t seen many reviews of later Laphroaig Caskers and I wonder how you think it compares to the earlier ones.


    • Agreed. I’d also like to see the Balvenie Single Barrel, Sherry and the Russell’s Reserve 10. They may not be the most interesting, but they’re easy to get my hands on – so I’m quite curious of your take on them.


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