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Dali: Figure at a Window
The long list of reviews for May is below. I’m still trying to clear my huge backlog of swapped and purchased samples and there will be a bunch of those. From open bottles you can expect a review of another of the ancient G&M Longmorns I split with friends (probably the 1968), a few of the recent K&L exclusives and maybe a bunch of Amruts that I will probably be opening for a vertical tasting with friends this month. As always, please feel free to make nominations for the short list and I’ll try to get to as many as I can (and I’ll also try to catch up to promises and requests from the last couple of months that I lost track of).

Food posts will continue as well: cooking and restaurant reviews. Despite my continuing obsession with getting pictures accepted by Foodgawker, I do think my cooking posts are different from those on a lot of food blogs out there in that my primary focus really is on the recipes and not on stories or multiple high resolution pictures of finished dishes. I do hope that people are cooking along from time to time and that you’ll write in if you are.

Amrut 4, 2009, Bourbon Cask #3445, Unpeated
Amrut 4, 2009, PX Sherry Cask #2701
Amrut 4, 2009, Port Pipe #2712, Peated
Amrut Portonova, Batch 1
Ardbeg Galileo
Ardmore Traditional
Arran 16, 1996 (Glen Fahrn)
Arran 1996-2013, Bourbon Cask #539
Bladnoch 11, 2002 (for K&L)
Bowmore 11, 2000 (OMC)
Bowmore Small Batch
Clynelish14, 1998 (Archives)
Craigellachie 18, 1995 (Hepburn’s Choice for K&L)
Dallas Dhu 25, 1975 (Signatory)
Elijah Craig 18
Glen Grant 21 (G&M)
Glen Ord 17, 1997 (Signatory for K&L)
Glen Scotia 20, 1991 (Wilson & Morgan)
Glenburgie 19, 1995 (Signatory for K&L)
Highland Park 11, 1993 (Hart Bros.)
Highland Park 16, 1995 (A.D. Rattray)
Highland Park 17, 1996 (Malts of Scotland)
Highland Park 19, 1990 (Signatory)
Highland Park, “Dark Origins”
Kilchoman 100% Islay, Batch 3
Longmorn 31, 1978 (TWE Masterpieces)
Longmorn 42, 1968 (G&M for van Wees)
Longmorn 44, 1966 (G&M for van Wees)
Longmorn 46, 1964 (G&M for van Wees)
North of Scotland 42, 1971 (Gordon & Company)
Russell’s Reserve 10
Scapa 12
Scapa 20, 1993, CSE
Springbank 13, 2000, Refill Sherry (SMWS)
Talisker 25, 2006 Release
Tomatin 21, 1991 (C&S)
Willett 8 yo, Wheated
Willett 11 yo, Family Estate (for the Wine and Cheese Place)

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