Coming Soon…

Coming Soon...
This is a less fraught first post of the month. On June 1 I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to get my senses of smell and taste back, and all around me whisky bloggers were going through various existential crises. Fortunately, in the last month my nose and palate returned to normal and no more whisky bloggers, that I know of at any rate, have given up the ghost—depending, I suppose, on what you make of Sku’s new focus on doughnuts. This will be a normal July on the blog…for the most part. You can expect a bunch of whisky reviews. And as I am off to Los Angeles today for a week, you can also soon expect a number of meal reports from there. And once I’m back in my kitchen, there’ll be more recipes as well. But don’t worry, there won’t be a slew of jam recipes this year—I all but exhausted my repertoire last year. 

So, why “for the most part”? Well, I will be posting a few Calvados reviews this month. Like a number of whisky drinkers, I’m more and more feeling priced out of interesting single malt whisky and have begun to look around at other distilled spirits. And like most whisky drinkers who’ve gone through this progression before me, I’ve alighted on Calvados and Armagnac. Rather than post about two categories I know next to nothing about, I’m going to focus first on Calvados. These reviews will be from the point of view of a single malt drinker who is new to Calvados, which is what I am. I will not pretend to understand the nuances of Calvados to any degree, and hope that people who do understand them will supplement my naive responses. It is possible, however, that other whisky drinkers who are considering trying Calvados as well may find my reviews useful as they decide where to begin.

Herewith the long list of potential whisky reviews. Some of these are already in the bag but I’m always willing to jumble the queue if there’s more interest in ones I haven’t yet gotten to. Accordingly, please feel free as usual to nominate things to the shortlist.

Aberfeldy 17, 1997 (Cadenhead’s)
Ardmore 13, 1998 (Gordon & MacPhail)
Ardmore Traditional
Auchentoshan Heartwood
Benriach 26, 1987 (Exclusive Casks)
Benromach 1978-1997 (Scott’s Selection)
Blair Athol 25, 1988 (Signatory for LMDW)
Caol Ila 25, 1983 (Jean Boyer)
Clynelish 22, 1989 (Thosop)
Clynelish 36, 1972 (G&M for LMDW)
Dallas Dhu 26, 1979 (Signatory)
Evan Williams Single Barrel
George Dickel No. 12
Glen Grant 36, 1975 (Archives)
Glen Moray 16, 1998 (Cadenhead’s)
Glencadam 37, 1974 (Whisky-fässle)
Glenlossie 22, 1992 (van Wees)
Henry McKenna Bottled in Bond
Kavalan Solist Bourbon Cask B091030052A
King’s Legend “Old Special” (Ainslie & Heilbron)
Lagavulin 8, 200th Anniversary Edition
Laphroaig 21, 1994 (Cooper’s Choice)
Linkwood 19, 1993 (Chieftain’s)
Longmorn 46, 1964 (Gordon and MacPhail for van Wees)
Macduff 31, 1980 (Wilson & Morgan)
Mortlach 20, 1994 (Malts of Scotland)
Old Grand-Dad 114
Port Ellen, Elements of Islay Pe5 (Speciality Drinks)
Sprinbank 11, 1999, Recharred Sherry Butt
Strathisla 37, 1967, Cask 1331 (Duncan Taylor)
Tobermory 18, 1994 (Wilson & Morgan)
Tobermory 20, 1994, Oloroso Sherry (Wilson & Morgan)
Yoichi 5, Genshu Single Cask
Yoichi 27, 1987 (SMWS)

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