Thanks for the Feedback

Thanks to all those who responded to my recent poll looking for feedback on the relative interest in the whisky and food split of the blog. There weren’t quite as many responses as last year—106 to 140—but enough probably for it to be meaningful. My own interest, again, was to see if with another year of restaurant reviews and recipe posts on the blog I was developing any sort of food-specific readership. Well, the answer seems to be that while my food readership does seem to have risen a little, whisky remains the chief interest of most of my readership (I’m a little curious to see what the results would be of a poll asking about the more recent split whisky/brandy focus of the booze component of the blog, but I’ll spare you that one). That’s not to say that interest in the food content is at the same relative low level as last year. If you are really so bored as to be interested in this, take a look at the side-by-side results below and you’ll see some differences. 

Last year the top category was “Here for the whisky, mostly ignore the food posts” at 33.57%. This year it was down to second place and 29.25%. While the percentage of people voting for “Here for the whisky, read and enjoy the occasional food post as well” stayed almost exactly the same at 30% this was now the top category. But where last year the third most popular category was “Would prefer if this was just a whisky blog” at 13.57% this year that dropped to 9.43% and swapped positions with “Here for the whisky and the food posts” which shot up from 9.29% to 16%. And a few more people said they visit mostly or only for the food than they did last year.

Feedback, 2016


Feedback, 2015


















As to whether this small movement is due to the existing whisky readership becoming more food-tolerant or a newer readership showing up that is interested in both, I’m not sure but I’m glad to see it. As I said before, the purpose of these poll is not to determine what I should blog about but curiosity about the degree to which my interests dovetail with my readers’ interests. And the trend line seems to suggest we’re pretty much there.

Thanks again to those who responded! I’ll check in again in a year.

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