A Worthy Cause

Greenvale Geckos
Yes, I am asking you for money. No, not for me; I’m never a worthy cause: for my children’s school. Our boys attend Greenvale Park Elementary School in Northfield, the small town in southern Minnesota where we live. It is a very good school and we couldn’t be happier about our boys being there. The school does, however, face some challenges that the other (also excellent) elementary schools in Northfield do not. It enrolls the largest number of students from low-income backgrounds (almost half the students are eligible for the free or reduced lunch program)—and this means that it faces greater fund-raising difficulties than any of the other schools do. These issues aside, the school is the most diverse institution in Northfield (both in terms of class and race)—this includes the two liberal arts colleges in town—and is a wonderful symbol of the graceful ways in which our community is slowly transforming. I am asking you to help in a small way with this with a donation to the school’s annual fund-raising campaign that ends on Tuesday.

A Greenvale student and a community member at an after-school program.

A Greenvale student and a community member at an after-school program.

Any donation that you make will help the school fund trips and materials for all its students. And keep in mind that for some of these kids—unlike ours—these trips are often their only opportunities to go to those places. I do hope you will donate: with only three days left in the campaign the school is quite short of its goal. For those of you who follow my whisky reviews just the cost of a few drinks would make a difference; and for those of you who follow my food reviews just the price of a cheap meal or a couple of glasses of wine at a fancy dinner would make a difference. Of course, if you want to donate the price of a fancy bottle of whisky or dinner at the best restaurant in town that’s great too!

You can donate at this GiveMn.org site.

If you do donate please mark your donation for either Mrs. Hagberg’s kindergarten class or Senora Amundson’s second grade Senor Alvarez’s third grade class. These are our kids’ classes you see and the top three classes that have the most money dedicated to them will win inconsequential “prizes” that will thrill their silly hearts. Our older brat’s first grade class was the “winner” in 2015 and they got to make this Star Wars video which is at least the fourth best Star Wars movie ever made.

2017 edit: The link above still works—it goes to the current fundraiser which aims to equip all classes with STEAM carts. Find out more about STEAM here. Our kids’ classes were in the top 3 last year for fundraising and we’re hoping to keep that going with this year’s fundraiser.

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