Piccolo XI (One Last Time with Feeling)

Piccolo serves their last dinner tomorrow. Here now is my writeup of our last dinner at Piccolo.

Ever since we found out about the impending closing back in December we’ve gone back with a number of friends who enjoy the restaurant as much as we do, and we did so again last Friday. We are going to miss this jewel of a restaurant dearly. Yes, there are some other excellent fine dining restaurants in the Twin Cities—and yes, we’ll go back more often to some of them now (Alma and Spoon and Stable especially)—but what Chef Flicker and his team have accomplished at Piccolo is something quite unique. Yes, his mark is on Esker Grove at the Walker and will doubtless be on Tenant, the new restaurant from two members of his Piccolo team which will take over the Piccolo space, but of all the major closings in recent years this is, in my view, the most irreplaceable. Chef Flicker himself will be moving on to something altogether more informal and while I’m sure it will be excellent it is not going to be Piccolo. God knows he’s earned the right to do whatever he wants but this is a big loss for our dining scene. 

But man, are they going out on top. This was our fourth meal in just over two months and there’s been no letdown at all, no coasting to the finish line. The menu has turned over since December and there have been two special menus in there as well—one for the New Year’s weekend (which was just great) and one for Valentine’s Day (which we did not get to). And the menu in this, their last week features a few dishes that were not on offer last weekend. If anything I’d say these last four meals have been more consistently brilliant than any series of meals we’ve eaten there in the past.

Certainly, our last dinner was superlative. We did the five course tasting menu as usual but as it was our last time there we added on an extra course of just their scrambled eggs for the whole table (a lot of people, our server said, have been doing that over the last few weeks). Here is what we ate:

First Course

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