The Claymore, Skye (Scotland)

The Claymore was our fourth restaurant meal on Skye. We’d previously eaten at the Oyster Shed in Carbost, Cuchullin in Portree and Creelers in Broadford. Claymore is also in Broadford, more or less just down the hill from Creelers. We very much enjoyed all those other meals and were hoping to eat more excellent seafood at the Claymore. We were also hoping that we’d be lucky and manage to get a table. The Claymore does not take reservations and their website encourages people to not call for one (it’s also not clear from the website if the restaurant’s name is just Claymore or the Claymore Restaurant). Well, we got the last free table when we arrived at about 6.30. We couldn’t get a table in their bright, main dining room with a view of the bay; but with everyone after us being either turned away or being told to wait for 30-45 minutes, we had no complaints. And when the food arrived we had no complaints on that front either.

The restaurant is divided into two spaces. The first when you enter is primarily a bar with some spillover tables. The main dining room is the more attractive space (the bar continues in there). There’s also outdoor seating on a deck but that’s apparently only during the day—and based on our very small sample size I’m a little surprised that anyone would want to sit outside on Skye, considering the odds of it raining for at least a little while in any given hour seem very high. Anyway, we were in the bar area—the few tables there filled up very fast and those who were willing to wait hung out at the bar. Oh yes, they have a shack out in the back that does “shellfish takeaway” during the day. I’m not sure if this is cooked or raw seafood or both a la the Oyster Shed.

The lunch menu is more informal, with a lot of sandwiches, mac & cheese etc. The dinner menu is focused on seafood, much of it local. Having eaten a large pot of mussels for lunch and at dinner the previous evening, we decided to skip the local mussels on this occasion. As it happened we ended up with quite a few anyway: the seafood platter I got had a lot of them on it, along with crab claws, squat lobster (in the crawfish family), some langoustines, a scallop and an oyster. The missus got the grilled sea bream (with potato, chorizo and peppers). The older brat got a small order of squat lobster in garlic butter; the younger one stuck with fish and chips (not included in the photographic evidence). Everything was very good: the highlights were the squat lobster and the sea bream; and the lone scallop made me wish I’d eaten some at the Oyster Shed the day before.

Here are the pictures. See below for quick notes on cost/value and service.

Our dinner came to about £75 with a beer and tip. Not cheap but it involved a lot of good, very fresh seafood. Service was friendly and attentive. I don’t know that I’d want to eat off their lunch menu but if I were on Skye again I’d be happy to eat dinner there again (and maybe get more of the scallops).

Okay, this is it for the Skye food reports. Next week, a lunch in Oban and after that we’ll be eating on Islay.

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