The View from the Street (Hong Kong, December 2018)

Maybe you thought my previous slideshows of Hong Kong food markets (here and here) and so forth were excessive and uninteresting. In that case you will really love this slideshow of pictures I took on the streets over the rest of my week-long trip. There are more than 100 of them and none of them are of subjects of any broader significance other than the fact that they caught my (untalented) eye. One of the things I was really struck by in Hong Kong is the verticality of the city. Given the premium on land, buildings go up very tall and very narrow—rather vertiginously so in many cases. One of my favourites is an unremarkable building in Central which is just about a room thick (it’s the not only one of its kind that I saw). I also really like to take pictures of posters and ads on walls and that’s another major genre below. Also featured are the Ladies Market in Mong Kok and other markets and street scenes in Central. I’m putting these up for now without any captions—I’m in Bombay and busy taking unnecessary pictures here too; if any of these interest you, come back later to see what they’re of and where they’re from. 

By the way, you should not see these pictures as representative of Hong Kong at large. Other than a couple of mornings spent in Kowloon and part of one evening in Wanchai, I spent all my time in Central, and that not too far from the Midlevels Escalator. This is a very narrow slice, but maybe it’ll give you a bit of a flavour of the parts of the city I spent time in.


Captions coming soon!


2 thoughts on “The View from the Street (Hong Kong, December 2018)

  1. I think I stayed at that Mandarin twenty years ago, what a cool city I want to go back.

    I liked your building pics, they were nicely composed, good angles. And I really like the people scenes in: Late Night, 7-Eleven, and Bored with Capitalism.


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