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Be careful, people: today is April 1, the day every year that comedy goes to whisky blogs to die. It’s also the day when I tell you what might be coming on the blog in April and ask you to nominate booze reviews you’d particularly like to see from the long list to the shortlist. I got to almost everything that was requested in March and will get to to the leftover requests for sure this month. As you may recall, I lied terribly in last month’s version of this post. I said there’d be a lot of brandy reviews and then I reviewed only one. I’ll probably have another couple this month and maybe some rum too. But I will definitely have some Game of Thrones whisky reviews. I went in on a bottle split of the entire lineup and am planning to review one each week, starting with the premiere of the final season. While it’s a given therefore that there’ll be three Game of Thrones whisky reviews this month you can still help me decide which three I should do first. On the food front, I will get done with my reviews of my December meals in Delhi month and make a big dent in the Los Angeles reports as well.

Here is the long list of potential booze reviews. Please make your nominations in the comments as usual.

  1. Auchroisk 24, 1994 (Old Malt Cask 20th Anniversary Release)
  2. Bellevue 19, 1998 (Golden Devil Rum for K&L)
  3. Ben Nevis 10, 2008, Batch 1
  4. Bowmore 21, 1996 (Old Malt Cask)
  5. Bowmore 22, 1996 (Old Malt Cask for K&L)
  6. Caol Ila 11, 2005, Four Sherry Butts (G&M)
  7. Caol Ila 33, 1984 (Gordon & MacPhail)
  8. Dudognon, Napoleon II (Cognac; for K&L)
  9. Enmore 25, 1992 (Golden Devil Rum for K&L)
  10. Game of Thrones: House Baratheon (Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old)
  11. Game of Thrones: House Greyjoy (Talisker Select Reserve)
  12. Game of Thrones: House Lannister (Lagavulin 9 Year Old)
  13. Game of Thrones: House Stark (Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost)
  14. Game of Thrones: House Targaryen (Cardhu Gold Reserve)
  15. Game of Thrones: House Tully (Singleton of Glendullan Select)
  16. Game of Thrones: House Tyrell (Clynelish Reserve)
  17. Game of Thrones The Night’s Watch – Oban Bay Reserve
  18. Glen Moray 14, 2004 (Old Malt Cask 20th Anniversary Release)
  19. Heaven Hill 6, Bottled in Bond
  20. Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon
  21. Lagavulin 16, 2018 Release
  22. Longrow 13, 2003, First Fill Sherry
  23. Longrow 14, 2003, Refill Sherry
  24. Louis Pibous 1993, Cask 124, L’Encantada (Armagnac)
  25. Louis Pibous 1996, Cask 187, L’Encantada (Armagnac)
  26. Louis Pibous 1996, Cask 188, L’Encantada (Armagnac)
  27. Pellehaut 17, 2000 (Armagnac)
  28. Port Charlotte 10, Current Release
  29. Springbank 19, 1995 (for Dr. Jekyll’s)
  30. Teaninich 29, 1983 (Signatory)
  31. Vallein Tercinier Petite Rue 1971 (Cognac)
  32. Voyer Extra (Cognac)

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