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Another month of barely leaving the house behind us, another about to begin: good times! In keeping with the unchanging nature of our days here is the latest evidence of the unchanging nature of this blog. I will once again offer you three booze reviews a week, along with at least one restaurant review and one recipe. And possibly the occasional post on books and movies. And if I can be arsed to do it I may become the 543rd person on the internet to offer a take on Padma Lakshmi’s new Hulu show, Taste the Nation, which I was looking forward to but found extremely disappointing.

By “restaurant review” above I mean takeout reviews. I do still have a few reports from our India trip remaining that were of actual meals eaten in actual restaurants but there will be no dine-in reports from Minnesota for a long time. The state has allowed restaurants to re-open with social distancing but it’s going to be takeout-only for us for a while. Anyway, here is the usual long list of potential booze reviews. If there’s anything that catches your eye please nominate it to the shortlist in the comments below.

  1. Ambassador 25 yo, Blend
  2. Amrut BA17/2013 (Blackadder)
  3. Ardmore 13, 2006 (SMWS)
  4. Ardmore 20, 1997 (SMWS)
  5. Auchroisk 22, 1990 (Whisky Fässle)
  6. Benromach 8, 2011 (for The Whisky Exchange)
  7. Benromach 2009/2018, UK Exclusive Single Cask
  8. Benromach Peat Smoke, Sherry Cask Matured
  9. Cartron 15, Marc de Bourgogne
  10. Clynelish 8, 2010 (SMWS)
  11. Clynelish 24, 1989 (Adelphi)
  12. Convalmore 21, 1984 (G&M)
  13. Cragganmore 16, 2001 (SMWS 37.127)*
  14. Dufftown 9, 1999 (G&M for Binny’s)
  15. Glenburgie 14, 1997, Cask Strength Edition
  16. Glenfarclas 21, 1980, Dark Sherry Cask
  17. Glenglassaugh 30
  18. Glenrothes 33, 1972
  19. Hampden 6, Stolen Overproof Rum
  20. Inchmurrin 14, 2004 (SMWS 112.39)*
  21. Inchmurrin 11, 2007 (SMWS 112. 48)*
  22. Labet 2003, Marcs de Jura
  23. Littlemill 22, 1990 (Archives)
  24. Springbank 1997, Batch 1
  25. Sprinbank 1997, Batch 2
  26. Tamdhu 26, 1984 (WWW forum bottling)
  27. Teaninich 10, 2008 (SMWS 59.56)*
  28. Teaninich 10, 2009 (SMWS 59.58)
  29. Tomatin 23, 1976 (Old Malt Cask)
  30. Villa Zarri 24, 1991, Italian Brandy

*These are bottle splits that are not yet in hand but which I hope will be very soon.

10 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Well, as a fan of all Scotches Islay, I’d like to see the Benromach Peat Smoke. And the Inchmurrins look interesting, once you get them, largely because I’ve not heard of that distillery. And I’m curious why the Glenrothes was not one of your birthday-week selections — not quite the right year?


    • I suspect you know this well but for the benefit of more casual readers: Benromach makes (lightly) peated whisky but is actually located in the Speyside.

      The Inchmurrins are supposed to arrive today and I’m looking forward to those so at least one is very likely to be reviewed. It’s a very fruity spirit usually, which is my personal favourite profile.

      And yes, the Glenrothes is 1972; I’m of the 1970 vintage.


      • >> I suspect you know this well but for the benefit of more casual readers: Benromach makes (lightly) peated whisky but is actually located in the Speyside. <<

        I do. I like the smoke. Laphroaig, Ardmore, a peated Speyside, Ireland's Connemara,… those are my preference. Thanks!


  2. I’d be interested in any of the Ardmores, Benromachs or Clynelishes.

    I am particularly curious whether you have the same issue with sherry separation (if that phrase means what I think it means) with Benromach which I have had in all of the Benromach standard bottlings I have tasted (except for the 10yo 100 proof, which was exceptional, but seems to have been killed off in their recent rebranding). The fact that it has been an issue in all of my recent bottles has almost completely put me off Benromach – apart from bottles like the Organic releases which have definitely never seen any sherry. I have had similar issues with the Ben Nevis 10. A shame because they are such delightful whiskies, but halfway down the bottle they seem to fall apart and turn to syrup and cardboard. Of course if you are tasting from a sample you may not be able to track those long-term developments.

    (And these weren’t bottles which were left 1/3 full for months on end I should add, before I am accused of neglecting my whisky.)


  3. I’m interested in your notes on the Villa Zarri. If that’s the K&L cask from a few years ago, and you haven’t already drank it, I recommend adding quite a lot of water.

    If you have time to get to one or both of those Marcs, that would be great too.


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