Cartron 15, Marc de Bourgogne

I reviewed my first marc in June and here now, less than two months later, is my second. Soon I will be the #1 marc blogger in semi-rural southern Minnesota. Like the Jacoulot I reviewed last month, this is a marc from Burgundy but it’s twice the age. The Jacoulot was a bizarrely winning rotting garbage heap of a brandy. I’m curious to see what eight more years of age does with this strange profile.

Cartron 15, Marc de Bourgogne (43%; from a sample from a friend)

Nose: A more elegant heap of rotting garbage than the Jacoulot. Quite a bit of apple in here with some definite older calvados crossovers. A lot of aniseed and then a plastic-rubber-vinyl combine emerges strong. Softer and less garbagey and plasticky with water.

Palate: Hmm this is almost normal. Far less brutal than the Jacoulot with the apple and the aniseed the main event. The garbage and the synthetic notes are palpable in the background but are not very assertive. Nice texture and bite at 43%. On the second sip there’s some citrus (lime peel and bitter zest). Gets quite herbal with time (sage, dill, a touch of mint). Okay, let’s add water. Water emphasizes the herbs and pulls out some spice to go with it beyond just the aniseed (there’s some pepper, some clove).

Finish: Long. The garbage heap emerges here and the bitter citrus joins it. Water pushes the garbage back here too and pulls out sweeter notes and the herbs from the palate.

Comments: At more than twice the age this is basically a mellower version of the Jacoulot. Which makes me wonder what it would be like at 20 years of age. Is marc ever aged that long (or longer)? I liked this better with water, which made it less extreme. A bottle of this I would reach for far more often than the Jacoulot.

Rating: 87 points.


One thought on “Cartron 15, Marc de Bourgogne

  1. Sounds delightful! That “rubbish heap” note is something I’ve also spotted in some non-commercial farm-made calvados I was able to try through friends of friends, and I find it inexplicably wonderful. Time to track down some marc!


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