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And so it’s June. The school year is almost over and we are headed into the summer here in Minnesota with things slowly limping back to something resembling the pre-pandemic normal. By the end of Thursday three out of the four of us in our house will have received both doses of vaccine (the younger boy is too young). It feels strange to talk about our 12 yo getting fully vaccinated when I know people in my age group in India who still haven’t received their first dose. And it also feels odd thinking about a return to normalcy while the pandemic still rages in India (though the situation seems to be slowly improving). But it’s true that here in southern Minnesota at least we’re moving forward more hopefully. The kids are going to go to outdoor summer camps (though, having been housebound for more than a year and now having got used to it, they’re both resisting it) and we’ve begun to think about possibly doing a driving trip out of town in the second half of the summer. The boys and I have also planted our plot in the local community garden and are ardently hoping that the raccoons and deer won’t chomp or carry off most of our tomatoes as they did last year. Well, if that’s the worst that happens this summer I guess we’ll come out ahead.

I’m not sure when we’ll go back to eating in at restaurants. I think it’s unlikely we’ll do that with the boys till the younger one is vaccinated too. And right now the two of us also have a block against it—though I’m sure we’ll overcome it at some point. We’re probably going to soon start hitting up places that do outdoor dining; pandemic takeout reports, however, will continue. And I’ll try to post at least another look at an immigrant grocery in June (these reports seem to be perhaps the most popular genre on the blog right now). A recipe a week as per usual as well—to see what they’ll be take a look at the Twitter poll that concluded today.

And, of course, even as my whisky readership seems to have shrunk to nothingness, there will be three whisky reviews a month, once again themed in one way or the other. Here is the long list. As always, I invite you to nominate things that particularly catch your eye to the shortlist.

  1. Ardmore 12, 2006 (SMWS 66.140)
  2. Ben Nevis 20, 1997 (Berry Bros. & Rudd)
  3. Ben Nevis 20, 1997 (Exclusive Malts)
  4. Ben Nevis 25, 1991 (Signatory)
  5. Caol Ila 11, 2008 (53.345)
  6. Caol Ila 11, 2008 (The Whisky Jury)
  7. Edradour 10, 2009, Cask 2
  8. Edradour 10, 2010, Cask 115 (for Specs)
  9. Edradour 11, 2008, Cask 386 (for Specs)
  10. Glen Scotia 11, 2007 (SMWS 93.118)
  11. Glen Scotia 12, 2007 (SMWS 93.135)
  12. Glen Scotia 17, 2002 (SMWS 93.140)
  13. Glenturret 6, 2013 (SMWS 16.47)
  14. Hebridean Mulligan/Ledaig 23, 1997 (OMC for K&L)
  15. Highland Park 13, 2006, Cask of the Forest
  16. Highland Park 17, 2002 (SMWS 4.255)
  17. Inchfad 15, 2005 (Cooper’s Choice)
  18. Inchmurrin 17, 2003 (SMWS 112.68)
  19. Islay Strait/Caol Ila 10, 2010 (Sovereign)
  20. Kilchoman 3, 2007 (for Binny’s)
  21. Kilchoman 8, 100% Islay, Single Sherry Cask
  22. Kilchoman 12, 2006 (for the Islay Cask Company)
  23. Kilkerran 8, Recharred Oloroso Sherry Casks
  24. Orkney Islands 14, 2005 (Berry Bros. & Rudd for Whiskybase)
  25. Lagavulin 20, Feis Ile 2020
  26. Laphroaig Triple Wood, 2009 Release
  27. Ledaig 13, 2007 (SMWS 42.50)
  28. Linkwood 9, 2010 (Old Particular for K&L)
  29. Loch Lomond 18
  30. Longmorn 17, 1996 (van Wees)
  31. Talisker 10, 2009 (Douglas Laing)
  32. Unnamed Islay 28, 1992 (Signatory)

One thought on “Coming Soon…

  1. Having tried Kilchoman in Scotland, I’d be happy to read a week of Kilchoman reviews. “Unnamed Islay” also gets a vote out of sheer inquisitiveness. And I’ve never heard of Edradour, so that would be a good read.


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