Coming Soon…

The summer comes to an end soon and the high season at work is about to kick off. On the blog, though, little will change. I’ll still have three whisky reviews a week interspersed with recipes and restaurant reviews. Minnesota reviews will be posted on Tuesdays as usual; on the weekends I’ll be posting meal reports from my travels in the summer till I’ve caught up with that backlog. It might take the whole of this month to do that. I have, however, caught up with my Minnesota restaurant review backlog. We have no reservations yet for dinner out in September and no set plans yet for even this coming weekend. So it’s an open book there. On the cooking front, there will be four recipes again this month, on Thursdays. I’ll be posting the poll to select those recipes in a few hours time—it’ll stay open through the weekend. To help me choose the whiskies to review this month all you have to do, as always, is respond in the comments below and let me know which ones you’d like to promote from the long list that follows to the short list. I think I got to all the requests in August and will try my best to do so again in September—as long as I can construct coherent themed weeks from the candidates. Odds are good though that I will do a Caol Ila week as I’ve been wanting to review that trio for a while. The rest are all up in the air—so have at them.

  1. Aberlour 15, 2005 (Old Particular for K&L)
  2. Ardmore 12, 2006 (SMWS 66.139)
  3. Bunnahabhain 6, 2013 (SMWS 10.202)
  4. Bunnahabhain 15, 2006 (Old Particular for K&L)
  5. Caol Ila 14, 2003 (G&M)
  6. Caol Ila 14, 2005 (G&M)
  7. Caol Ila 16, 2002 (G&M)
  8. Craigellachie 15, 2006 (Old Particular for K&L)
  9. Dailuaine 10, 2008 (SMWS 41.116)
  10. Glen Garioch 12, 2008 (Old Particular for K&L)
  11. Glencadam 8, 2011 (SMWS 82.23)
  12. Glengoyne 16, 2005 (Old Particular for K&L)
  13. Glenlossie 19, 1997 (Alexander Murray)
  14. Glentauchers 8, 2010 (SMWS 63.58)
  15. Glenturret 8, 2013 (SMWS 16.62)
  16. Highland Park 24, 1990 (Signatory for La Maison du Whisky)
  17. Inchgower 11, 2007 (Signatory UCF)
  18. Kilchoman 11, 2008 Impex Cask Evolution 01/2019
  19. Linkwood 19, 1997 (Alexander Murray)
  20. Loch Lomond/Croftengea 7, 2011 (SMWS 122.26)
  21. Strathmill 12, 2009 (Signatory UCF)
  22. Teaninich 12, 2009 (Thompson Bros.)
  23. Undisclosed Island, Water of Life Film (Single Cask Nation)
  24. Unnamed Orkney 14, 2006 (Signatory UCF)



4 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

    • If I lived in Edinburgh or London I’d get a membership for sure. Mostly to get access to the members’ rooms (see my report on a visit to the London establishment in 2018). But prices in the UK are also more reasonable all-around. In the US we don’t have members’ rooms—and even if any were to open it would be highly unlikely for one to show up in the Twin Cities. But most of all the prices for even young releases here are just insane. And so I am content with sampling their releases via bottle splits courtesy members. While I’ve liked quite a few of these, most have left me glad I hadn’t shelled out for a membership and full bottles at high prices.


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