Coming Soon…

I’m afraid I don’t have much of a look ahead to February on the blog. I am in Delhi as I type this—I’ll be back in Minnesota on Friday—and have not put much thought towards the blog for the last few weeks. January’s whisky reviews were scheduled before I left along with a handful to get a jump on February before I got back. And so I can tell you that the first whisky review of the month will be of a very old whisky from a closed distillery and that next week’s reviews will all be of casks of Springbank, Longrow and Hazelburn that were hand-filled at the distillery in late October. Beyond that, I have very little idea of what I might review this month. I had a large cache of samples scheduled to come in earlier in the month but they met with a bad fate in transport and are no longer on the horizon. I am also supposed to be receiving a batch of samples of 25+ yo sherry monsters bottled by G&M and if those show up in one piece I might review them. And there’s a good chance there might be a week of Glenallachie as well. Let’s see how it goes.

On the restaurant report front, I now have a massive backlog of reports from our visit to southern California in December and this about-to-conclude trip to Delhi (and Goa). It’s unlikely, therefore that February will see any Twin Cities restaurant reports. (I might have some other Twin Cities restaurant news of interest to report soon though…). As for recipes, they’ll show up on Thursdays as usual but I won’t be doing a poll this month to select those either. Instead, I’ll clear out some of that backlog as well from past months.

All in all, then, this post has been a waste of your time. You are welcome.


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