Some Recent Cooking (On Instagram)

As of this past February, cooking posts/recipes have gone on indefinite hiatus on the blog. I’m not saying I’ll never post recipes again here but it’s going to be a while, probably, before it becomes a regular feature again. However, I have been posting cooking content on Instagram, in the form of very shoddily produced cooking Reels. In the past I used to put up those videos without any detail attached and eventually post the recipes here. But now I’m posting the recipes themselves on Instagram. Sometimes they’re included with the Reels and sometimes in separate posts with pictures of ingredients and the finished dishes. It somehow feels more natural to do recipes that way—and if you’re not opposed to watching videos you can actually get a sense of how brown I get the onions for a particular dish, or what it looks like when the oil separates and so on. Anyway, frequent blog commenter but infrequent Instagram visitor, steveinmn recently asked if I could let people know on the blog when new cooking content goes up on my Insta feed. I said I’d do it in the form of a weekly or fortnightly digest, rather than for every new post, and here is the first one. This one lists all the Reels/posts with recipes from the last couple of months. Going forward, each digest will probably have far fewer links in it.

  • Double Brown Beans, A Variation: The base recipe is actually on the blog; you can watch it being made here. A version very close to this one was made at my pop-up dinner at Alma in February.
  • Alu and Leek Greens Sabzi: The cooking video is here. There’s no formal recipe attached but you can work it out from the video; it’s very simple.
  • No-Tadka Mushoor Dal: The base recipe for this is on the blog but is also included with the Reel, which shows it being made in a pressure cooker (stove-top instructions also provided).
  • Mutton/Goat Curry with Chettinad’ish Accents: No detailed recipe on Instagram alongside the video for this (I tried posting it but couldn’t make it within the allowed character limit). I could be persuaded to put this on the blog sometime.
  • Dark Lamb Shanks Curry: Video with recipe attached.
  • Sour Pompano Curry with Tamarind and Coconut Milk: Video with recipe attached.
  • Bhaja/Roasted Moog Dal: Another recipe that is on the blog but is also attached to the cooking video.
  • Beef Short Rib Curry with Malvani Masala: Can’t remember if I ever put this recipe on the blog but you can find it attached to the cooking video. Picture of ingredients here.
  • Sabut Moong Dal: Made on the stovetop in one of my treasured Manipuri black pottery pots; recipe included with the video.
  • Keema with Potatoes: A short-cut dish that could have turned out badly but actually turned out well. No detailed recipe but you can piece it together from the video and caption (use a couple of tablespoons of curry powder of choice in place of the ground spices).
  • Chicken “Roast” with Cauliflower: Video with detailed recipe here.
  • Chicken Curry with Whole Garam Masala and Onion-Ginger-Garlic Paste: Finished dish and instructions here; cooking video here.
  • Death by Pork: The “original” recipe is on the blog. You can see an excellent variation being made here with Mangalitsa pork belly, and get the ingredients and the steps here.
  • Channa Dal with Spicy Pork Tadka: An offshoot of the Death by Pork. Video here.
  • Zeera-Alu: A simple dish of fried whole potatoes that was also made for the dinner at which the previous two dishes were served. Video with instructions here.
  • Beef Short Rib Curry: Another version. Video with recipe here. You can see a picture of the ingredients by side-scrolling through this post.
  • Hot and Sour Fish Curry: Cooking video here. Recipe and pictures of ingredients here.
  • Mutton Curry with Tomato: Cooking video here. Recipe and pictures of ingredients here.
  • Chicken Curry with “White” Masala: This is my most recent cooking post on Instagram. The cooking video is here; the recipe with pictures of ingredients is here.

Okay, here are the pictures of the above dishes.

As I said, future digests will not be so expansive. I usually only post 1-2 cooking Reels a week. A digest once every 2-3 weeks is what you should probably expect. Or you could just follow me on Instagram and watch all this as it goes up.



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