Quick Bites: Honey-Chilli Cashews

Honey-Chilli Cashews
A while ago I posted a recipe for simple spiced cashews; here is a stickier, sweeter take on the same. All you need is unsalted cashews, honey, chilli powder/cayenne, salt and ghee/peanut oil. How hot you make it is entirely up to you. I don’t overdo the chilli powder or the honey because what I fundamentally want is the taste of cashews—just fringed by some other flavours. This is my problem with most store-bought flavoured cashews/nuts: they tend to be overly seasoned. Anyway, this is easy and quick (well not that quick: you do have to spread the cashews out so that they don’t form one giant ball when the honey dries). If you’re as cashew-crazed as I am you’ll go through all of this in one sitting with a cup of tea. Which is as it should be. Mother always said you shouldn’t trust a person who doesn’t eat cashews a hundredweight at a time. Continue reading

Quick Bites: Spiced Cashews

Spiced Cashews
Those who know me know I have a bit of a cashew problem. I eat them compulsively and can go through a large jar in an implausibly short amount of time. I like them salted and unsalted but my favourite version is lightly spiced cashews. Many commercial versions are available but none quite satisfy. They’re either too salty, too overloaded with spice, too overloaded with non-complementary flavours (garlic) or all of the above.

Luckily, it’s very easy to make spiced cashews at home and get them just how you like them. This recipe is for how I like them: just a bit of heat, a little bit of savoury tang, all allowing the cashewnewss of the cashews to come through clearly. The spices set off the cashews, the cashews are not a delivery mechanism for the spices. Continue reading