Eagle Rare 10

Eagle Rare 10
After yesterday’s Eagle Rare 17 from the 2010 BTAC here is the regular Eagle Rare 10. This is quite ubiquitous (most decently-stocked liquor stores have it), and very recognizable in its tall bottle. This is a single barrel release (not sure if this has always been the case); there’s surely some variation from barrel to barrel but I imagine they shoot for a pretty consistent profile in barrel selection. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never tried it before. Well, here goes.

Eagle Rare 10 (45%; B13 140; from a sample received in a swap)

Nose: Far less raisiny than yesterday’s Eagle Rare 17. More light molasses and maple syrup with strong notes of clove as well. With more time there’s some citrus, caramel and a touch of dusty wood. Gets a little brighter and a bit more floral with water.

Palate: Far less interesting on the palate. The mouthfeel is thinner than it should be at 45% (may be a commentary on the state of the bottle this sample was poured from) and there’s not a whole lot of depth of flavour either. There’s more wood on the palate than on the nose but otherwise it’s a thinner version of what the nose promises. The clove/wood/citrus thing gets more pronounced as it goes. Let’s see if water does anything unexpected. Water pushes the wood back and pulls out more of the spice and citrus.

Finish: Short’ish. Well, it’s not that it’s short so much as it’s thin. Spicier and less thin with water.

Comments: Quite clearly a younger sibling of the Eagle Rare 17. I have to say it’s quite remarkable how the master distillers and blenders at the bourbon distilleries are able to create such distinct profiles for a range of brands while operating with only a handful of mashbills. A nice nose here too but the palate and finish once again are weaker. It’s not bad at all, but there are better options to my taste at the same price point or lower. Despite the initial thinness it seemed to improve with a touch of water.

Rating: 83 points.

Thanks to Michael K. for the sample.

9 thoughts on “Eagle Rare 10

  1. Your sample came from mid-bottle, but the palate never really did it for me at any point either, especially at the end of the bottle when it got bitterer. My previous bottle had a creamier, cornier palate which inspired me to get the bottle from this review.

    While I’m sure they usually do a good job limiting variation, I do wish BT would provide some sort of barrel information about these “Single Barrels”. Even just the number would do. The bottle code might help, I suppose. Meanwhile, Blanton’s labels disclose all sorts of things.


  2. Hi!
    Could you indicate what are your recommendations for “better options at the same price point or lower”?
    I’m quite a newbie regarding bourbon, and I just got a bottle of this Eagle Rare 10 which I like, I must say, especially the strong black cherry taste that is unusual for me. But since I don’t have other bourbons to taste side by side with it, a hint from you would be helpful.
    Thanks in advance!


      • Hi MAO,
        Thanks for answering so quickly!
        Sadly, I will have to wait for a trip in the US to try the options you suggest, since I live in Montreal (up north!) and the government liquor agency (that controls all spirits sales in our state) doesn’t offer a lot of choices… I should have mentionned first!
        But there’s:
        Stranahan’s (OK, it’s not a bourbon)
        Baker’s 7
        Ezra Brooks old Ezra 7
        Knob Creek 9 single barrel
        What would you think of those?
        Thanks again!


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