Tomatin 11, 2002 (for Edina Liquor)

Tomatin 2002
I mentioned this young cask strength Tomatin very positively in my smart-ass list of things to be hoped for in 2014 and I’ve been meaning to review it ever since (as you can see, the photo alongside was taken in the heart of winter). It was bottled for Edina Liquor, a municipal liquor store in the Twin Cities metro area, from a single bourbon barrel. It was initially available for less than $30–reports are that the price has gone up since but even at $40 it represents a very good value. I’d thought initially that if Edina Liquor had their own single cask then surely every other store in the country must too but I haven’t actually seen any such reports, or come across other store bottlings in just the Twin Cities area. Please write in if you happen to know if there are other similar casks out there in the wild.

Tomatin 11, 2002 (53.7%; first fill bourbon barrel #1830; from my own bottle)

Nose: Toasted wood, lemon and roasted malt. Something peppery as well and after a bit the lime is tinged with a little grapefruit. Some vanilla too. Very nice. Gets a little buttery with a few drops of water.

Palate: Leads with the lime but it’s a little sweeter on the palate. The wood is not as present as on the nose and as I swallow there are some hints of tropical fruit. Very drinkable at full strength but let’s see what water does. Hmmm nothing very interesting.

Finish: Long. Limey at first with some of the sweeter fruit around the edges and then the wood emerges, turning a little bitter at the very end. A little sweeter with water.

Comments: If you like this profile (in the Nadurra family) and live within reach of Edina, get a bottle (Edina Liquors does not ship, alas). You’re not going to find very many better whiskies of this type near this price range. The youth is most apparent on the finish which is a little sharp but I’m not going to complain very much. Water is unnecessary, I think.

Rating: 84 points.


8 thoughts on “Tomatin 11, 2002 (for Edina Liquor)

  1. I’m quite curious about a CS ex-burrbon Tomatin, since we all know their ex-sherried (finished?) OBs – high-quality casks, but the personality of the whisky itself gets a little lost behind the sherry clothing.

    I’ve learned that Ace Liquors has a deal in the making for a CS ex-bourbon Tomatin, some 4 months hence. I don’t expect it to be $30 or even $40 though. $60 is my guess.


  2. We just ordered a barrel of the Tomatin 12 Year cask strength yesterday. There are four remaining barrels available. Like Florin stated, we’re about 4 months out. The importer was only aware of the barrel you’ve written about as floating out there currently.


    • If anyone cares, I opened this bottle mentioned above (not the same as MAO’s review). More on toasted malt, vanilla and quick dry finish. Sweeter with water. We’ll see if it ever reveals more.


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