A Little Housekeeping: Whisky Links etc.

No review today; instead, just a few housekeeping notes that you probably have little interest in.

1. I have updated the “Whisky” page linked to at top right. This page contains an alphabetical list of all the whiskies I’ve reviewed, and it’s also sorted by general region of origin. If you’re looking for a review of a specific whisky it’s much easier, and quicker, to look for it there. Of course, that’s only true if I keep it updated and over the last few months I’d failed to add links to distilleries I’d not reviewed malts from before (once a distillery is added as a category all subsequent reviews listed under it show up automatically). Well, now it’s updated. Let joy be unconfined. Let there be dancing in the streets, drinking in the saloons and necking in the parlor.

2. As you may have noticed I’ve recently added a plugin (Contextually Related) that runs an algorithm and automatically places links to up to three related reviews at the bottom of each post. Unlike some similar plugins that assign random links this one actually works rather well and suggests intriguing connections based on the content of my reviews and not just the names of distilleries or bottlers. For that reason, however, I worry that it may be putting too much of a load on my database. If you see/or have seen the site slowing down please drop me a line. Also let me know if this is not a feature that you ever use–if so, I’ll remove it: I’d rather not add any pointless load on the database, given how asthmatic the hamsters that power the servers my blog is on are. (For whatever reason it doesn’t display the thumbnails for every link, but whatever.)

3. I’ve also finally gotten around to updating my list of whisky links (also at top right). The list that’d been up there for more than a year was largely put together when I first put up my blog and it no longer reflects accurately the whisky blogs I read regularly or the sites I recommend highly. So I’m redoing it. There’s already a new list up there and it’s going to be revised, re-annotated and reorganized on a more regular basis.

My list of blogs is not meant to be exhaustive, and nor is it meant to be a list of the only blogs I think are worth reading: it is merely the list of blogs I read regularly and have been reading regularly for some time now. Many of the people on my list don’t link to my blog (I don’t particularly care), and though it’s probably a little dick’ish of me I hope that those who are kind enough to link to me but don’t see a link to their blog here will not take it amiss.

2 thoughts on “A Little Housekeeping: Whisky Links etc.

  1. I have no idea what the hell just happened to the formatting of the blog—where the headers have disappeared to or why the link colours have changed or why none of my attempts to change anything back are working. But as it’s late and the blog itself seems to be working, I’m not going to worry about it now. Maybe it’s a WordPress.com issue and will be fixed by the time I wake up….


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