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The actual first anniversary of my blog was on March 24 (I celebrated appropriately with a review of the Bowmore 12). For the first few months of its life, however, I barely had any readers (I get more pageviews now in less than a week than I did in each of those first few months) and barely anything I wrote was taken much notice of (though I very much appreciate those who’ve followed along from the very beginning). I mean, this piece all but disappeared (compare with the firestorm of response to its follow-up in October; note also the friendly comment by one David Driscoll). It was last summer in fact that my blog began to get a wider readership.

There were two incidents that drove this. The first was an endorsement by the official Bruichladdich blog. I was impressed by this, not only because they showed good taste or because I’m a narcissist with a blog and therefore want readers; it was mostly because the writer linked to my positive reviews of two Octomores (the 2.1 and the Comus) despite those reviews containing criticisms as well. At any rate, that endorsement sent a lot of readers my way and still does today. The second stimulus came from Sku who last July made this the inaugural “Blog of the Month” on Recent Eats. That link generated an implausible amount of traffic in just one week, and I suppose made worthwhile the horrifying “favours” I had to perform for/on him when I had lunch with him (and Tim Read) in L.A. last June. And enough of the new readers stuck around and recommended the blog to others and traffic has risen steadily since then.

I’m noting all this now because right around now is therefore the effective anniversary of the blog gaining a readership far beyond people I already knew from WhiskyWhiskyWhisky or elsewhere. Even though I continue to write mostly for myself I am very happy to have this growing readership and especially enjoy the conversations in the comments. I still do not consider myself an expert on any aspect of whisky; and in a very crowded whisky blogosphere, peopled by folks who know far more and have tasted and review(ed) far more impressive (and current) whiskies than I do, I am very flattered that those who make this a frequent stop do so. Thank you for reading (and commenting).

And now on to the list of reviews that may be coming soon in July!

I’d published a long list for June and got to more than 20 of those. July will feature some of the others from that list but I’ve since received other samples in trade and opened other bottles that I am looking forward to reviewing and so this month’s list is not simply the remainder of June’s list.

Ardmore 20, 1992 (The Whisky Agency for The Auld Alliance)
Arran Port Cask Finish
Black Bull 30
Bowmore 16, 1996 (Faultline)
Braeval 13, 1998 (Signatory)
Bruichladddich “The Organic”
Clynelish 16, 1995, Refill Sherry (Kintra Whisky)
Compass Box, Great King Street
The Famous Grouse
Glen Grant 17, 1993 (Whiskybroker)
Hanyu 12, 2000, 12 yo, Cask #349 (for the Tokyo International Bar Show, 2012)
Hanyu 1988, “Nice Butt” (for Full Proof Europe)
Imperial 17, 1995 (Signatory for K&L)
Island Malt 7, 2005 (Exclusive Malts for K&L)
Jefferson’s 10 Year Rye, Batch 11
Johnnie Walker Black Label
Karuizawa 1999/2013 (Noh Label for K&L)
Karuizawa “Asama”, 46%
Kilchoman 3, Spring 2010 Release
Ledaig 6, 2005 (Blackadder)
Ledaig 7, Sherry Cask (“Retro Label” for TWE’s Whisky Show, 2013)
Lion’s Pride Dark Rye, Barrel 198
Longmorn 11,1999 (Alambic Classique)
Longmorn-Glenlivet 1968-2004 (Scott’s Selection)
Sazerac Rye
Stagg Jr.
Talisker 10
Talisker 18
Talisker 57 North
Tomatin 25
Tomatin 34, 1976 (The Perfect Dram)
Tyrconnell 10, Madeira Finish
Woodford Reserve

Only one of these reviews is already in the can so please feel free to nominate any you’d like to see for sure. (And there’ll be some food/restaurant reviews as well.)

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. I nominate the following:
    Arran port finish
    Compass Box GKS
    3 Taliskers
    Woodford Reserve

    for no better reason than those, with the exception of the Tally 18, being available for me to purchase locally.


  2. Talisker 57N.

    (I was all geared up to finally get a bottle during a recent visit to the UK, only to shy away from the price once I found one. Before my trip, I would have wanted to read about how good it is. Now, I’d like to read about how it’s nothing special that I should regret missing. Please oblige.)


  3. I nominate the Faultline Bowmore, Compass Box blend, Imperial, Lion’s Pride, and any Talisker.

    I would also eventually like to hear your opinion of JW Black. Since it is so widely available and such a standard, I am interested in hearing what others find in it.


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