Indian Home Cooking Week II

Mr Creosote
As threatened, I have another all-recipes week coming up. The first edition was posted in December—and while not all my whisky readership seems to have cared for the innovation (much lower page views for recipe posts than for whisky reviews) I very much enjoyed doing it; and so will be doing these every 4-6 weeks on a regular basis (with occasional one-off recipe posts in between). If nothing else, it makes for good variety for me—hopefully warding off the risk of reviewing burnout that so many whisky blogs seem to eventually be afflicted by.

Here is the recipe schedule for next week:

Monday: Mushoor Dal (Bengali-style Red Lentils)
Tuesday: Chard-shaak, Two Ways
Wednesday: Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Ginger and Cumin
Thursday: Shorshebata Maach (Fish Cooked with Fresh Mustard Paste)
Friday: Assorted Pickles

If any of this interests you, come back next week. If whisky is all you’re interested in there are doubtless many of my reviews that you haven’t read. Here are some from early in the blog’s life when almost no one was reading anything I was posting:

Highland Park 19, 1986 (for Beltramo’s)
Amrut Special Reserve (for The Whisky Exchange)
Ardbeg Alligator
Longrow 14
Port Ellen 1982-2003 (Scott’s Selection)

Or go read Michael’s excellent series on the alleged Scotch whisky boom. Orthe Whisky Sponge’s “Guide to 2015“.


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