Requesting Feedback

A request for my regular readers: if you would take a moment of your time to select the option below that best describes your feelings about the split whisky/food focus of the blog, I’d highly appreciate it. To be clear, I’m not looking to change what I do on the blog on the basis of this feedback. I’m just curious about whether, and/or to what extent, I have separate readerships for the whisky and food posts; and to what extent, if at all, either readership also enjoys, is indifferent to, or wishes there was less of the other content.

Thanks very much!

And do feel free to leave comments below if you like.

9 thoughts on “Requesting Feedback

  1. Well, I don’t drink, so the whisky posts are a bit out of my ken. Still, I look at the occasional one.

    My more difficult task is keeping myself from asking you for recipes for Indian dishes I’ve tried recently and would like to know how to make them!


  2. I don’t drink whiskey. . . so, I don’t read those posts. I love the food posts. Most recently, you have inspired me to make jam again – green plum, dark plum, strawberry and apricot! yum!


  3. I come for the whisky reviews, I stay for the sarcasm and esoteric existentialism. Since I never visit MN, I skip the restaurant reviews, but I dig your recipes. Anyway, a suggestion: a heavier focus on *current* exclusive picks from K&L, Binny’s, UK/EU, etc. It’s great that a 78-year, first-fill sherried Longmorn released in 2002 is transcendent, but what good does that do me, outside of an overpriced auction bottle and my bitter jealousy? Not to say there’s no merit to such loquacious tasting notes, but the use-value is more historical than practical, along the lines of “Dude, if you could have seen Dylan in ’64, now *that* was something.”

    Tell me what’s worth buying today. Driscoll is always effusive about every K&L bottle; I want you to cut through the noise and illuminate the gems. Binny’s has great picks, but what’s *really* worth hoarding by-the-case when my paycheck arrives on Friday, instead of paying my student loans? Which current UK/EU exclusives are worth the shipping charges and hassle of nervously tracking my package, hoping customs doesn’t intercept it?

    And I know what you’re thinking: “That’ll cost a lot, stop hassling me, you entitled elitist.” But you can always split the bottles with readers (me), friends (Sku) and frienemies (Krav). As long as *you* ship them, of course…that’s a major hassle and I’m too lazy.

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  4. Bonjour, je regarde chaque jour votre blog car je lui trouve un ton un peu décalé par rapport aux autres blogs consacrés aux whisky. C’est vrai que les autres rubriques ne m’intéressent pas trop mais ne me gênent pas non plus : un peu d’ouverture sur autre chose ne peut faire de mal, même si les sujets évoqués peuvent sembler étranges à un français ( le whisky étant plus universel ).
    En tout cas merci de nous régaler régulièrement de beaux whisky et de commentaires passionnants que je me permets d’ailleurs régulièrement de partager sur ma page FB.
    Bien cordialement ( en français correct ); tchao tchao ( en parler du sud de la france ).


  5. I mostly come by for the whisky reviews/commentary – nothing wrong with the rest, but it just serves an audience of which I’m not a part. I would agree with BarrelChar that I’m mostly interested in current whisky products/trends; it honestly isn’t a issue of jealousy so much as personal relevance.


  6. 90% Food, 9% Whisky, 1% Mad Men.

    Mostly the whisky reviews are of spirits I never run into. The article on a proper brown liquor stash was informative, if esoteric to this drinker. One of the cocktail articles was fun – even if of doubtful provenance.

    OTOH, I’ve already made a couple of the “Indianized” dishes – and got happy noises at dinner.


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