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Before I get to the usual long list of potential whisky reviews for the month let me first thank all those who responded to my poll about relative interest in the whisky and food content on the blog. With more than 125 responses in a week, I received far more feedback than I thought I would (perhaps even achieving statistical significance given the number of unique visitors each day). In fact, I must admit that when I first set up the poll I did not set it to display the actual number of votes cast (in total or for each option) as I had thought that number might be embarrassingly low (that fear, embarrassing in itself, was proven unfounded within a few hours). While this was not in any way a goal of the poll, it has had the unexpected effect of indicating that I do in fact have a readership beyond the few who comment from time to time. And this is is nice to know.

As I noted in the setup to the poll, the only thing driving it was curiosity; I was not, and am not, looking to change anything. Those who have no interest whatsoever in the food posts should know that they do not substitute for whisky posts. The number of whiskies I would review in a month would not be any higher if there were no/fewer food posts; there would just be fewer posts total. The food posts do keep it more interesting for me and I was mostly curious to see if in the 7 or 8 months or so since recipes, in particular, began appearing regularly on the blog that content had developed an independent following of its own; and I was also curious to see to what extent my more established whisky readership has, like me, an interest in food as well.

As it turns out 54% of those who responded have at least some interest in food; but with 46% interested only in the whisky posts, and less than 15% interested only or largely in the food posts, my readership clearly remains predominantly whisky-focused. I’ll be interested to see how/if those numbers change over time but I’m not really striving for a food blog audience. Food blogs are their own, and in my view somewhat odd, genre, and I don’t really have the temperament or patience (or expensive camera) to work within it.

Anyway: thanks again for the feedback (and I’ll respond separately later to individual comments on that post). Here now is the list of potential whisky reviews for August. As always, please feel free to nominate those you’d like to see on the shortlist.

Ardbeg Galileo
Ardmore Traditional
Benriach 11, 1986 (Cadenhead’s)
Bowmore 7, 2003 (Exclusive Malts)
Bowmore 12, 2001 (Signatory for K&L)
Bunnahabhain 10, 2001 (The Whisky Agency)
Caperdonich 17, 1996 (Malts of Scotland for van Zuylen)
Chichibu, Chibidaru Cask
Clynelish 18, 1996 (Signatory for TWE)
Cut Spike 2, Single Malt (K&L)
E.H. Taylor Cured Oak
E.H. Taylor Small Batch, Bottled in Bond
Elijah Craig 18
Four Roses Single Barrel OBSV/NCF, Paws & Claws
Glenfarclas 24, 1990 (K&L)
Glenfiddich 15, Distillery Edition
Glenrothes 25, 1988 (Wilson & Morgan)
Glenrothes 30, 1982 (Malts of Scotland)
Kilchoman, Single Cask #577, PX Finish (for WIN)
Kilchoman, Single Bourbon Cask #74 (for K&L)
Kilchoman, Single Sherry Cask #371 (for K&L)
Laphroaig 16, 1998 (Signatory for TWE)
Laphroaig Cairdeas 2015
Ledaig 15
Longmorn 44, 1966 (G&M for van Wees)
Longmorn 46, 1964 (G&M for van Wees)
North of Scotland 42, 1971 (Gordon & Company)
Old Pulteney 8, 1990 (Cadenhead’s)
Pikesville Rye 6, 110 Proof
Scapa 20, 1993, CSE
Talisker 25, 2006 Release
Yoichi 20
Yoichi 20, Genshu Single Cask 100126
Yoichi 27, 1987 (SMWS)

7 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. I vote for Cut Spike if the review will include lots of good-natured digs on K&L’s marketing hyperbole.

    Otherwise, I’d like to see a review of the young Old Pulteney. I know nuthin’ about that bottle, but I sometimes see other young Old Pult IBs kicking around and I wonder what they’re like. I’d love to find out that the famed saltiness—which I never really got much of in the one bottle of Old Pult 12 I had a couple years ago—is more prominent in the young stuff, kinda like young peat is.


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