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In September I noted that my post on Glendronach and “single casks” seemed to finally be fading: it had barely made the top 10 list of most viewed posts for August (after dominating that list every month since I’d originally made it); and it dropped off the list completely in September. But guess what: it’s back. It must be Glendronach “single cask” release season. Also in a semi-controversial vein, my long-promised/threatened post on “distillery character” also cracked the top 10 list despite only being posted at the end of the month. Thanks to all those who’ve shared the link and especially to those who’ve responded. I doubt I’ll have anything in that vein this month.

My most read post for the month of October, however, was a review I posted in August: of the Laphroaig Cairdeas 2015. I guess it’s still being rolled out over the US. The next most popular review was of the 2014 release of the Lagavulin 16. The message here, I suppose, is that if you want a lot of page views you should review currently and widely available whiskies (and be a pain in the ass). On that note, I am able to announce that this month will likely see a return to my untimely, irrelevant and esoteric ways. That said, I only have one review already in the bag (and that’s for a regular release) and so if you see an OB bottling below that grabs your eye, ask for it loudly (and here in the comments and not on Twitter where it will fade quickly from my view). I do have a couple of simul-reviews scheduled with Michael K. of Diving for Pearls and Jordan D. of Chemistry of the Cocktail, but other than the month is an open book.

Auchentoshan 23, 1990 (Archives)
Auchentoshan “Heartwood”
Balmenach 25, 1988 (Signatory for Binny’s)
Benriach 19, 1994, Peated (for K&L)
Benriach 27, 1984, Peated-Port Finish
Bowmore 7, 2003 (Exclusive Malts)
Caol Ila 25, 1983 (Jean Boyer)
Caol Ila 27, 1984 (Douglas Laing “Old & Rare”)
Compass Box Peat Monster, 10th Anniversary
Faultline Blended Scotch Whisky
Glen Garioch 25, 1990 (Signatory)
Glen Scotia 40, 1972 (Malts of Scotland)
Glendronach 15 “Revival”, 2015 Release
Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask S090122079
Lagavulin “Distillery Only”, 2010
Laphroaig 10 CS, Batch 002
Laphroaig 13, 1997 (Duncan Taylor for Binny’s)
Laphroaig 13, 1998 (Kintra Whisky)
Laphroaig 17, 1997 (SMWS 29.164)
Ledaig 10, 2004 (Signatory)
Longmorn 46, 1964 (Gordon and MacPhail for van Wees)
Millstone 12, 1999, Sherry Cask
Old Pulteney 8, 1990 (Cadenhead’s)
Pikesville Rye 6, 110 Proof
Strathisla 25 (Gordon & MacPhail)
Strathisla 25, 1989 (SMWS 58.15)
Vintage 1979, Blended Scotch Whisky (Svenska Eldvatten)
Talisker 25, 2006
Tamdhu 10 (Signatory for Stoller Wine & Spirits)
Willett 8, Barrel 1434, Wheated
Willett 11, Barrel 2364 (for the Wine and Cheese Shop)
Yoichi 27, 1987 (SMWS)



12 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. I’d like to see reviews of the Peat Monster and the Faultline blend.

    I’ll also toss in a couple write-in votes for the Springbank 14 Fino (which you’ve mentioned) and the current Kilkerran WIP CS (which you haven’t, so might be futile).


  2. That Svenska Eldvatten Vintage 1979 seemed really familiar for some reason until I realized K&L also released a blended whisky under their Faultline label with a 1979 vintage. I wonder if this was the same blend?


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