Grand Szechuan, 2015

Grand Szechuan: Beef and Tofu with Peanuts
This is my fourth report on Grand Szechuan (first, second, third) and my first since December 2014. We’ve been eating there regularly all year, however—I’ve just been waiting to post one large round-up of dishes that we hadn’t had before or that I hadn’t reported on before. This is that round-up. (Though there are a few familiar items in here too.)

Since my last report on Grand Szechuan there’s been a bit of ferment in the Twin Cities Sichuan scene. Little Szechuan has closed their West End location (we haven’t been back to their St. Paul mothership in a while, and so I don’t know if they’re still religiously hotpot only there). There have even been some reports of decline at Grand Szechuan (and some speculation about possible changes in the kitchen). Well, we’ve been eating there all year and we haven’t noticed any decline. And on our last visit we confirmed that Chef Luo is still running the kitchen. In fact, they have some new dishes, though only listed in Chinese on a board stuck to a wall, and I’m happy to report on them here.

Descriptions and comments on the dishes are in the slideshow below. I have nothing else to say about the restaurant itself except that it continues, in our view, to be well above the competition in the area when you look at the general consistency of their execution and the breadth of their menu. And it continues to be very reasonably priced as well.

So,  if you still haven’t gone to Grand Szechuan for some reason, you really should. If the stuff above looks too hardcore, check out my other reviews—there’s lots of more familiar, less offal-centric stuff there (and they do also have an American-Chinese menu if you want to mix and match to ease yourself in). But if you have been going but haven’t been straying off your beaten path maybe there are some ideas here for you. We look forward to going back soon to try the two remaining items on the special menu: another fish dish, I was told, and a rice cake dessert. Please do go and help ensure that the best Asian restaurant in the state stays with us and continues to flourish!


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