Coming Soon…

Coming Soon...
Here is the look ahead to March. Those who’ve complained in the past about the low use value of my whisky reviews will be excited to see eight current Binny’s exclusives on the list (though I didn’t hear from any of you ingrates about the reviews of the K&L exclusives in January). Like the K&L bottles these were acquired via splits with fellow whisky geeks. I can’t promise I will get to all eight this month, but probably at least half and the rest probably next month. Other than those it’s the usual mix of the esoteric and banal.

On the food front, I’ll be finishing up my reviews of meals in Hong Kong this month and might even throw in the odd Minnesota review before I get done with those. Cooking posts will also start up again very soon—I expect very few of my regular readers have mourned the absence of those in the last couple of months. 

February was an interesting month. Without planning to I ended up reviewing a number of American whiskeys in the second half of the month and these reviews were the most read by far in February. In fact for the first time since August my review of the Laphroaig Cairdeas 2015 was knocked off its perch at the top of the list and pushed all the way down to the bottom of the top ten most read posts for the month. Its reign of terror is over. The most read post was actually posted just a few days before the end of the month: “Col. E.H. Taylor, Bourbon and the Problem of Tradition“. There’s an interesting discussion going on in the comments there and I hope more bourbon drinkers will join in. This month will be more Scotch focused but there’ll be some more American whiskey reviews. I apologize in advance to bourbon people who are appalled by my reviews.

I’ve also acquired a number of books on American whiskey (and a new one on Scotch whisky) and I might review a couple of those as well this month. By the way, I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at my Recommended Reading page. If you haven’t, it’s where I attempt to make back a little of the costs of running this site via Amazon Associates links to whisky and food books I recommend (fiction might join the list soon). Please consider the occasional click from there to Amazon.

And, finally, some housekeeping: I’ve noticed that in recent months the Whisky Reviews page has been getting a lot of views. This is the master list of all my reviews broken down by category and then alphabetically. It’s pretty unwieldy and so I’m going to separate it out by category and region in the way that the Restaurant Reviews section is organized. You’re welcome!

On to the list of potential reviews!

Ardmore 16, 1998 (Gordon & MacPhail for Binny’s)
Auchentoshan Heartwood
Balmenach 26, 1988 (Signatory for Binny’s)
Balvenie 17, Peated Cask
Ben Nevis 18, 1995 (Wilson & Morgan)
Benriach 34, 1977, PX Cask 1034
Bowmore 10, Prestonfield House Malt
Brora 25, 7th Release
Brora 30, 5th Release
Caol Ila 16, 1998 (Wilson & Morgan)
Clynelish 7, 2008 (Signatory for Binny’s)
Clynelish 22, 1972, Rare Malts
Evan Williams, Black Label
Glen Elgin 15, Manager’s Dram
Glen Garioch 16, 1998 (for Binny’s)
Glenlivet 19, 1995 (Signatory for Binny’s)
Highland Park 12 (for Twin Liquors)
Highland Park 16, 1995 (A.D. Rattray)
High West Rocky Mountain Rye 16, Batch 15
Jefferson’s Ocean Bourbon, Batch 19
Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask S090610018B
Laphroaig 17, 1997 (Signatory for Binny’s)
Laphroaig 18, 1997 (Berry Bros. & Rudd for the Whisky Exchange)
Laphroaig 21, 1994 (Cooper’s Choice)
Ledaig 13, 2000 (Gordon & MacPhail for Binny’s)
Ledaig 17, 1998 (Cooper’s Choice)
Ledaig 16, 1997 (Gordon & MacPhail for the Whisky Exchange)
Linkwood 16, 1998 (Signatory for Binny’s)
Linkwood 19, 1993 (Chieftain’s)
Longmorn 46, 1964 (Gordon and MacPhail for van Wees)
Macduff 31, 1980 (Wilson & Morgan)
Old Grand-Dad, 80 Proof
Port Ellen, Elements of Islay Pe5 (Speciality Drinks)
Springbank 1998-2015, Sherry Hogshead (Malts of Scotland)
Springbank 1998-2014, Rum Cask (Malts of Scotland)
Redbreast 12 CS
Teeling Whiskey
Undisclosed Speyside 20, 1994 (Whisky Fässle)

As always, please feel free to nominate things from the (very) long list to the short list.

9 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. I’m going to completely destroy my obviously insanely high connisseur credibility by admitting that Redbreast 12 CS (specifically the first batch imported to the USA in 2012: B1/12) tastes like bourbon cask aged generic Speyside malt whisky mixed with Fourty Creek Canadian whisky. I really only enjoy it on the rocks, where it develops nice banana/chocolate flavors, and all the other gross flavors go away.

    So I guess what I’m saying is that my vote goes to the G&M Ardmore, even though Binny’s is being a bunch of crybabies and not shipping booze anymore.


  2. I have had or own some of those Binnys bottlings. That Ledaig . . . different.

    By the way, some of those bottles are on sale now if any are willing to take the plunge. Though the Ardmore sale ended on Leap Day.


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