Requesting Feedback, 2016 Edition

Here is the second iteration of a poll I ran last July. I was curious then to see what my regular readership made of the split whisky/food focus of the blog and which of those subjects my readers were more interested in. It was quite clear at the time that my readership was overwhelmingly a whisky crowd. 77% of those who responded said they visit primarily for the whisky posts. A year on, there are a lot more restaurant reviews and recipes on the blog and more and more of my referral traffic seems to be from food sites; and each month some of the most viewed posts seem to be either recipes or restaurant reviews. Accordingly, I am curious to see where the audience split falls today. To clarify again, I am not looking for feedback on what I should be doing on the blog and I am not going to be changing anything on the blog based on the feedback—hopefully this will not keep you from taking a few seconds to respond.

I will keep this poll open for a week. Thanks very much in advance! 

And please feel free to leave comments below as well if you’d like.

9 thoughts on “Requesting Feedback, 2016 Edition

  1. Enjoy both. I live in Los Angeles, so I follow your food blogs. Just had lunch today at Szechuan Impression. (Really enjoyed it! But no white rice or tea–too southern China???) I buy most of my whisk(e)y at K&L. My price point is generally in the $50-$80 dollar range. I’d like to argue that one can drink quiet well within that limit. Just finished a glass of Bunnahabhain 12. So I would like to see more reviews of more affordable drams. (I understand that my preferred price point here in L.A. shifts to $70-$100 in other parts of the country.) Sorry that you don’t seem to relish Irish whiskey. IMHO Redbreast 12 CS is terrific,.


          • OK, let’s continue the colloquy. Setting the scene: Szechuan Impression, yesterday (8/10/16), lunch, arriving about 1:15, party of three, my second visit. (Thanks guys for your menu guidance because I ordered a lot better this time, even though I very much enjoyed my first visit.). I asked the server, whose English was limited, for the rice. None appeared, so I inquired of another server who informed me that only fried rice was served. I looked around and seeing no table with rice, concluded, with the unavailability of the tea, that I was still locked into some kind of childhood Cantonese paradigm, expecting steamed white rice to be available. (Sort of like traveling to northern Italy and expecting to find cannoli in the bakeries.) Frankly, the meal did not suffer for lack of rice. (I agree beer would have been nice.) But the two of you did indeed have rice! Well, I suppose I’ll be forced to visit the Szechuan Impression again soon. On behalf of your many followers, I thank the two of you for your insights into spirits and food and for your lively writing. MAO and SKU, any thoughts about the wonderful fried chicken we find in L.A.’s Koreatown? Just had a glass of Clynelish 14. Another wonderful whiskey at about $60.00.


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