Year In Review, 2016

Happy New Year everyone. It’s customary to post lists of awards and accomplishments at this time of year and, as always, I am entirely conventional. Here therefore are some lists of my whisky high points of 2016 and other notable events and milestones. As you know, being a whisky blogger of great repute and influence has its perks and I was supplied all year, as I am every year, by distilleries and collectors with many special bottles that you regular, non-blogging types could probably never hope to drink. As such my perspective is truly superior and I very much appreciate that all of you acknowledge and salute that on a daily basis. I couldn’t have done it without you. I may be the one who drank all these whiskies (and other fine spirits) but really, you are the ones who truly enjoyed them! You’re welcome. 

Top 10 Daily Drinkers

  1. Glen Grant 73, 1901 (They don’t make sherried whisky like this anymore.)
  2. Talisker 75, 1897 (Not as good as last year’s 10 yo, but very nice.)
  3. Bowmore 103, 1798 (First released to commemorate the death of Queen Victoria.)
  4. Lagavulin 109, 1907 (Remarkably vibrant despite the age!)
  5. Springbank 47, 1930 (Pre-Depression distillate.)
  6. Macallan 201, 1815 (As you know, during this time Macallan was also making gin, and I think the stills were not cleaned between runs. Look for the casks filled on January 17.)
  7. Glendronach 45, 1975 (Shouldn’t that be released in 2020? Never mind—I always trust their numbers!)
  8. Elijah Craig, The Slaveholder’s Cask (Another release in the bourbon industry’s commemoration of the figures of its glorious past.)
  9.  Highland Park 90
  10. Cutty Sark (Always great.)

The Best Malt Whisky of 2016

Yamazaki Sherry Cask, 2013 Release

Best American Whiskey of 2016

Pappy van Winkle 30 (Not a public release but them’s the breaks!)

Best Upcoming Releases of 2017 (from advance samples)

  1. Bruichladdich Purpler Still, Jägermeister Finish (Oh Jim, you’re a genius!)
  2. Compass Box, “This is an Overpriced and Soon to be Overrated Whisky” (Kudos to John Glaser and company again for their transparency.)
  3. Amrut Seven Continents (I like this one so much I feel like a stinker for pointing out that Greenland is not a continent.)
  4. Kavalan Awards Cask (This is this year’s edition of the cask they vat with oloroso sherry and send to every whisky competition…and it’s glorious again! Triple Gold!)
  5. Highland Park Shaved Ice (Shame about the price.)
  6. Glenmorangie Sonata (Special release for the Korean market; Dr. Bill has done it again!)
  7. Lagavulin 5 (Believe me, no one is going to miss the 16 yo once they taste this!)

Best Spirits Blog of 2016

My Annoying Opinions

Personal Milestones

  1. Though I don’t do this for the recognition (only for the free whisky), I was proud to be named “Best Spirits Blog of 2016” by a leading website.
  2. I was also once again named “Favourite Blogger” by K&L.
  3. I have now reviewed as many Laphroaigs as Serge Valentin reviewed last week.
  4. I heard a rumour that my blog may finally be listed in the Malt Whisky Yearbook for 2019.
  5. My traffic went up by 10% this year. I now get about 70 page views a day. Thanks to my new readers in China for making this happen!
  6. Finally learned how to pronounce “Glenglassaugh”.
  7. Managed to go another year without referring to whisky as “juice”.

These are just a few of 2016’s highlights. Here’s to even more in 2017!

4 thoughts on “Year In Review, 2016

  1. Does Kavalan add straight sherry to their whisky like the Canadians?

    And as for Compass box, it seems Binnys puts their special releases on sale quite often so that definitely helps. You would think Diageo, which owns Caol Ila and Clynelish could do what Compass Box does but I guess not.

    No pre Phylloxera Cognac reviews? What kind of whisky blog is this?


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