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Yesterday’s post
purported to look back to the year in whisky in 2016. I have to admit that not all of it was serious—I mean, I still don’t really know how to pronounce “Glenglassaugh”. Here now is a far more sincere look-ahead to January on the blog. As always, I welcome nominations from my long list of potential whisky reviews to a shortlist. I’ll probably also get back to reviewing brandies this month. I have a number of interesting samples in hand: some Calvados, some Armagnac, a Cognac or two, and even an Italian brandy. And I may also post my first-ever rum reviews this month. On the food front, I still have a few reports to come from our trip to Montreal in late October. Those will be mixed in with reports from the Twin Cities. And after a few months off, I’ll be posting recipes again this month.

Check out the whisky list below and, if you’re interested, scroll down to the end for a look at the most read posts on the blog in 2016. Thanks for reading along last year and I hope you’ll be back this year and maybe even post a comment from time to time. 

  1. Auchentoshan 1983-2004 (Scott’s Selection)
  2. Aultmore 18, 1997 (SMWSA)
  3. Blair Athol 25, 1988 (Signatory for LMDW)
  4. Blair Athol 26, 1988 (Signatory for Spec’s)
  5. Bowmore 10, 2002 (van Wees)
  6. Bowmore 17 for Feis Ile 2015 (SMWS)
  7. Brora 25, 7th Release
  8. Brora 30, 5th Release
  9. Bunnahabhain 1988-2004 (Scott’s Selection)
  10. Caol Ila, Feis Ile 2009
  11. Clynelish 12, 1997 (James Macarthur)
  12. Craigellachie 13, 2002 (Malts of Scotland)
  13. Craigellachie 25, 1990 (SMWSA)
  14. Evan Williams Single Barrel
  15. Four Roses Small Batch, Ltd. Edition 2016
  16. Glen Garioch 25, 1990 (Signatory)
  17. Glenlivet 1977-2004 (Scott’s Selection)
  18. Henry McKenna, Bottled in Bond
  19. Highland Park 19, 1995 (SMWSA)
  20. Home Blend 35, 1980 (Wilson & Morgan)
  21. Jack Daniel’s
  22. Kavalan Peaty Cask
  23. Lagavulin, Distiller’s Edition 2014 2013
  24. Linkwood 29, 1984 (Malts of Scotland)
  25. Littlemill 12
  26. Littlemill 21, 1992 (Berry Bros. & Rudd)
  27. Lochside 29, 1981 (Captain Burn’s)
  28. Longmorn 46, 1964 (Gordon and MacPhail for van Wees)
  29. Macduff 31, 1980 (Wilson & Morgan)
  30. Old Pulteney 9, 2006 (Malts of Scotland)
  31. Tobermory 18, 1994 (Wilson & Morgan)
  32. Tobermory 20, 1994, Oloroso Sherry (Wilson & Morgan)
  33. Undisclosed Speyside 15, (TWE Time Series 1)

Once again, please let me know if there’s anything above you’re particularly interested in seeing reviewed.

And now, here’s a short snapshot of what was popular on the blog in 2016:

Once again, in terms of referral traffic, far more people were sent to the blog from food forums and sites than from other whisky blogs or sites. Since the blog’s primary readership remains whisky-related, I assume this means that most of my whisky readers are returning readers—again, I wish more of you would comment from time to time.

In terms of audience location, tells me that the following are the top 10: the U.S.A. (almost 70% of my readership—up a bit from 2015), followed by Canada, the U.K., Germany, Australia, India, the Netherlands, Finland, Hong Kong and Singapore. In related news, I was startled recently to see how high Alexa currently ranks my blog (653,118 as of today) but, alas, this is a lot of bollocks: they also say that 97% of my traffic comes from China and, as you can see, WordPress’s own stats (derived from the more reliable Google Analytics, I believe) don’t even have China in the top 10 for 2016 (and have not had it in the top 10 in any month in 2016) and only have Hong Kong at #9. And when you look at the relative rankings of people with manifestly larger readerships you realize that something is very off with Alexa’s sampling and that their rankings should not be taken very seriously at all.

Finally, this is my 1,071st post. That’s a lot of posts in less than four years—what have I done with my life?

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Howdy MAO,

    I’d love to know your thoughts on the Scott’s Selection Bunnahabhain 1988-2004. Same for the Scott’s Selection Auchentoshan 1983-2004, actually. They’re still on shelves here for a maybe reasonable price, but the only review I have seen of either one (the Bunnahabhain) comes from Reddit, which is basically the Internet’s toilet.


  2. Anything Scott’s Selection would be great. Even the Glenrothes 1980 that was once on these lists, if possible.

    Strangely, all these Scott’s were available then were all gone then came back with in boxes. Weird.

    I know it seems tempting to buy the 1977 Glenlivet if you see it but it is not a good whisky, in my opinion. Available to try at the Twisted Spoke in Chicago if you live in the area.


    • I think I can pretty much guarantee the first and third—I’ve been meaning to get to them for a while. As for the Laga DE 2014, if young Patrick gets the sample to me this month I’ll probably review it in February. But he shows a reluctance to organize his life around my desires: millennials!

      ETA: Doh! I just realized I’d listed the Laga DE as a 2014. I’d meant the 2013, which I did already review. In a comment on that review Patrick said he’d saved me a sample of the 2014 and that’s what I was referring to above.


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